Aburame, Shinju is the ex Head of the Aburame Clan he is also renown as the "Pride of the Aburame".


Since his early childhood, Shinju has been calm collected, and solitary person, who is quite mysterious. He is portrayed as being somewhere between merely stoic and matter of fact, rarely smiling or showing emotion at all; rather than congratulate his brother on becoming a genin, he told him it was as expected.Around his waist is a brown belt with two loops connected to the loop are clear glass jars.He has shown to have a major problem with anger when being constantly ignored.


Shinju is a fair skin male with a skinny build who is well above average height maybe the tallest in the Konoha.He is constantly wearing goggles that obscure his face. He almost always wears the same attire. Which consist of a heavy black coat that covers up his his flak jacket. Also the hood of the jacket is always upon his head with his headband wrapped around. The last noticeable thing is he wears a large gord upon his back.

Pre Genin

From day one even by his own parents he was thought of as unpleasant to be around. As always Shinju cared so little for other peoples thoughts of him. Shinju would always spend time by himself studying and collecting insects. During that time Shinju's little brother was born even than Shinju was still a very solitary child. A few years pass with Shinju doing the exact same thing everyday going off alone playing and studying insects. On his fifth birthday his farther decided to teach Shinju how to properly control his kikaichuu. Shinju than showed that he naturally learned controlled which surprised his father.