The Akimichi clan is one of Konohagakure's four prominent ninja clans.

Members of the Akimichi clan are infamous for often being large around the bellies. Of course, it's well known that it's for more then simple display, as members of the clan utilize a unique style of Ninjutsu in which they are capable of increasing their size, or transforming their excess fats into immense quantities of chakra.

Clan Abilities

Akimichi have numerous jutsu including but not limited to:

Nikudan Sensha


Partial Multi-Size  (Adds one step to Strength)

Super Multi-Size

Related Perks

Pill Master (T3) --The Akimichi pills are masterful creations that enable a member of the Akimichi clan to convert calories into chakra. This individual has advanced to such a degree that they no longer require the pills effects to force this technique. They are able to enter the Akimichi Butterfly Mode at their beckoning, converting all excess calories into chakra!

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  • Note that pills can only be created by a pharmicist.