Uhm..Hi.I-I'm a klutz..sorry..

Choukin Akimichi is a Rookie Genin of Konohagakure status., apart of the noble Akimichi clan.


Like all the Akimichi's, Choukin is overweight, only slightly however. She has dark brown hair that she often keeps up in pigtails. Choukin is mainly seen with a scarf around her neck which was given to her by her mother before she was abducted.


Choukin is a very clumsy and shy individual. She often hurts herself due to her clumsiness and has little to no friends. She is however, very friendly and the few friends she has she loves them very much. Choukin's clumsiness stems from her lack of confidence in herself. She wants to be a great Akimichi member, however in her heart she doesn't believe she is up to the task.

Background Story

Choukin was born in the Akimichi clan even though her mother wasn't an Akimichi member. Her father, Chaza Akimichi cared for her after her mother was abducted by Hunter nin from Konohagakure.