Naruto OC Kumo BoomBox Ninja by HiMyNameIsBlargh

Ages 11-17(Current Age)

Akimichi, Jinso is one of the very few Akimichi left in the village of Konohagakure no Sato. He is seventeen years old and an Veteran Genin of Konohagakure .


Jinso is a shy guy. Since he doesn't really know anyone in Konohagakure he tends to isolate himself from others. This has caused some what of an anti-social type of emotion to arise from within, making his shyness even worse.


Jinso is a relatively fat guy. He doesn't look like many average people due to the fact that he is obese.He usually wears the Akimichi symbol on his breastplate to represent his clan, since no one else will. The picture to the right shows you how he looked when he was younger, as he progressed, and his current age, which is 17.


Background & Story

Jinso was born in Konohagakure no Sato. His maiden's name(Mother's) is Akimichi, Ramisa, and his father's Akimichi, Kanjo. Both parent's were alive until the recent events that had taken place in Konohagakure. His father, a former member of the military died protecting the village. In deep dreppression; which was caused by the death of his father, his mother killed herself by competing suicide. Now Kanjo spends most of his time seating around and eating. Since he has yet to be assigned a squad he simply scouts the village from time to time. Even though he doesn't do much, his nindo is to protect those he holds dearly and to restore the power of the Akimichi clan. He currently thinks of himself as the leader of the Akimichi clan.