The clan emblem for the Asakura clan.

The Asakura Clan (セレンディーネ一族, Asakura Ichizoku) is a clan situated in the Aonai village of the land of wind. They used to be typically known in the past for their excellent Nin-Taijutsu skills, however in the current era, they are less known and have settled down into merchandising and farming. Though, recently, they've been plotting to regain power.



The Asakura Clan orginated from a small village known as Aonai. They have been more or less a peaceful and serene ground until there was a massacare in the village caused by a war with the neighbouring village due to land and wealth. The clan had to take a stand and the once peaceful people which they were, took a change a everyone within the clan begun to train as shinobis to prevent the same disater from occuring again. The fighting did die down after all of this, yet it didn't completely come to a halt.


Danine Asakura, the clan leader who was appointed at this time took matters into her own hands, as she skillfully stopped the fighting through prowess and negotiations, which ended up going rather well. It was at this time that the era of peace came once again, and those in the clan didn't think of any need of such things as shinobi again, even though the founder was against it. As she deceased, the clan had no reason to continue with their past ordeals.


As time went by, the clan and the village were pretty much all forgotten about. Not even those who lived near by would remember how the Asakura were in the past. This eventually caused the current clan leader to thirst for power. With this, he begun to send young children of the clan with a carer to Sungakure to become shinobis and eventually increase the strength of the clan. The reason for this is currently unknown to all those except the elders and clan leader.



Each member of the clan tend to have a hair color that is around brown, though rare cases are usually made, especially if a parent is from a different clan. Their eyes however are always orange. They have the clan symbol branded on to the back of their palms.

Current Notable Members

Danine Asakura (Founder)

Yine Asakura (Current leader)

Agatha Asakura

Yuu'ine Asakura (Possible Heir)

Serendine Asakura (Heir to leader)