Serendine at eleven.

Serendine Asakura (朝倉・セレンディーネ, Asakura Serendīne) is a Genin of Sunagakure. She is the heir of the title of clan leader of the Asakura family.


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In her toddler ages.

Having her being born into the Asakura family along with her twin brother, in the village known as Aonai, Asakura spent most of her young life being like a child and playing with those in her clan. She was quite the joyful one at her young age, but the elders within the clan plotted for her to be the first young one in the clan to try and regain power to the Asakura family sdue to her parent being the current leader of the clan.

So, at the age of five, she and a member of her clan who was her aunt known as "Agatha", made their way into Sunagakure living there as residents. During this time, she was enclosed from all communication with the outside world and was trained constantly and taught various stuff till she was nearly the age that those would take the academy class. So once she reached Ten, she regained her privileges, abling her to finally be able to take her time enjoying herself in the country, at least till academy finally begun.

The life of academy didn't last much long for some -odd- reasons, and it wasn't that long till she ended up becoming a genin. And thus, her career started...


Serendine may at time sound like a loud and rowdy person, mostly due to her accent, but truthfully she is a kind soul who would be willing to help people out and is pretty much a bit too much trusting due to her lack of bad things happening to her personally. She'll cling to the idea of friendship pretty fast and enjoys more than anything things that are sweet. Though it tends to be a hobby for her's to get into spars due to her constant training at home coming to a halt, she see's it as a daily routine that she should go through and a way to help her reach the goal to help those within her clan. She is quite fearless as well, but quite doesn't understand the concept of danger which may lead to her being in tight spots.


Due to her young age, she stands at around four-foot seven, having short dark brown hair that reached up to the base of her neck. She has orange eyes, a standard trait for her clan and bears a tattoo of the clan branded onto her back of her palm. Her common attire tends to be clothing that's quite light due to the harsh sunrays of the desert, along with war paint from time to time that's used whenever she's in combat.