A red monkey, the symbol of a free spirit but a firm believer.


Head of the Azura Family


A noble family of Konohagakure. Jakuchu Azura, the Former First Hokage of the village, is currently the leader.


The Azura Clan became a noble family once Jakuchu's strength was recognized throughout the village and he gained the title of Hokage. Wealth soon followed after for the family.


The Azura family has no hidden abilities. None that they have discovered yet, however.

Notable Members

Jakuchu Azura - The First Hokage, also known as the Head of the Family. He has been deemed missing in action, showing his face every once in a while. Currently listed as missing in action.

Tristis Azura - The deceased wife of Jakuchu, and step-mother to all three of his children.

Nanami Azura - The eldest daughter of Jakuchu, and the older sibling to both Jakaisa and Jakuro. She has been deemed the most successful child of Jakaisa, nicknamed to 'The Heiress'.

Jakuro Azura - The middle child of Jakuchu's children, baring similar characteristics as his father. He is successful in his own right, though as of late it would be appear that he had dropped off the planet of the earth. That, or he simply tends to keep to himself now'adays.

Jakaisa Azura - The deceased idiotic daughter of Jakuchu, as well as his youngest. She was deemed mentally ill, leaving the village to become a rogue ninja at age eight. Her life was taken shortly after. No funeral had been held, nor did anyone actually care.

Unknown - The unborn baby of Nanami and Leon, it's gender still unknown. It will be the grandchild of Jakuchu, as well as the niece or nephew of Jakuro and Jakaisa.