Ettori Deronscio 15 years old.

Ettori grew up a middle child of eight siblings.  Having two older brothers, a sister, a sister that was his age, and two younger brothers and a sister.  Never getting a lot of attention from his family, he was always outside and energetic, seeking the attention in other people with his passion and raw determination to make something of himself.

At a young age he had developed anorexia and bulimia.  His problems possibly rooting from his abusive and alcoholic family, whom on countless occasions had thrown him out, causing him to move across the countries to different relatives, where he'd eventually settle in suna and live on his own.  Or they could be caused by his manic-depression that he hides with ruthless training and false smiles.

The Now.

Ettori Deronscio is a fifteen year old Genin from Sunagakure.  He is highly mature for his age and carries himself confidently and elegantly.  Dressing rather fashionably, his personality is very lax and calm.  He always thinks rationally and often proposes himself as the voice of reason if nobody else will.  He has a leadership trait that seemed to be born to him, and he can always be caught in the front of a group.

He is currently training under Honjo, Taka who is his sensei in Squad ______ along with Wuu and Aiko.