Amori Fumiko is the youngest child of the Fumiko family, being just a minute younger than Sae'ven. She currently serves the Konohagakure Village under the

Age: 19

leadership of Azura, Jakuchu. Amori Fumiko is currently a Chuunin. Amori has a twin sister, Sae'ven Fumiko.


Amori is the baby of the family. She recieved majority of what attention Sae'ven deserved. Unfortunately, this caused a mental disorder for Amori's sister called Attention Deficit Disorder. She was bullied and harmed over this. While Amori doesn't fully understand why, to this day, she feels guilty.

Aside from that, the sisters were a tight pack. They could cry on one anothers shoulders with no regret. When Amori began her days in the academy, the sisters became the tough kids on the playground. Sae'ven's bully problems come to an end.

Year 686

Amori advanced as a genin after years spent in the academy. She was quickly teamed to