"There are no men like me. There is only me." - Shin Higurashi


Shin stands at a fairly impressive six foot four, and has a very toned build. He has long, thick, wavy black hair that's parted at the right with a shaped jaw-line with softly sculpted cheekbones that rise high towards his eye sockets. Through years of training with his father and many experiences in battle as a shinobi of the Hidden Mist, he has a large scar descending from his back down over his right hip and another more visible scar diagonally through his left eyebrow rising up his forehead. Shin's demeanor is usually somewhat aloof and disconnected from those around him when not speaking, but he is extremely engaged in conversation depending on the circumstances.


Shin is a rather stoic individual, keeping to himself for large periods of time, not even saying a word. The land he grew up in molded him this way, as talking was almost a death sentence. This doesn't mean Shin has been ripped away of compassion, as he still has a sense of justice and what is right. But due to the ravaged lands he grew up in, what is right could be skewered, as there was no set laws. Shin still has a sense of humor, although it can be considered dark at times.

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