Kanes Father

This is what Kanes Father looked like before he was killed in the Leaf Village.

Kanes Mother

This is Kanes Mother, who is currently living in the Cloud Village.

 Kane Hikonaru

Kane Hikonaru was born in the Cloud Village, the Land of Lightning. His mother and father moved from the Cloud to the Leaf when Kane was only a young boy. Kane did not ask why they were moving, because he was too busy being distracted by the glorious views that they have seen all the way coming from the Land of Lightning. When they got to the Land of Fire Kane was only 8 years old. Kane is now currently 18 years old and is a Teacher at the Konohagakure Academy. Kane's Squad Leader is Oyahsiro, the Head of the Medics and the Jounin Commander.


When Kane Hikonaru was a little boy he moved to the Leaf Village with his Mother and Father. Sadly, they were not welcomed with opened arms because of the fact that they use to be part of the Cloud Village. The Leaf killed Kane's father but not on purpose, when a missing nin entered the village he posed as Kane's dad, now K
Me as anime

This is what Kane currently looks like, without the motorcycle helmet on.

ane Hikonaru lives with his mother and wants to find the missining nin who killed his father to watch him die a painful death. Now Kane Hikonaru lives in the Leaf Village and helps the Academy Students out, he is currently a Teacher and is proud to finally be able to help the village with all of the Academy Students running around. Kane will help out anyone he can, but he is not afraid to warn Students of their bad behavior, if he sees them acting up in a "negative way", he tells them to stop and show respect to each other. Kane wishes to be a great Suiton user one day, and he wishes to be a very powerful shinobi, he has the potential to learn all of the Elements.


Kane Hikonaru is an extremely nice individual, who will provide as many answers as he can to the questions that are asked to him. Kane does have a dark side though when it comes to protecting others, if someone who he is close to gets hurt he will take action immediately. Kane always wears a Facemask to cover up his expression, so that no one knows his emotion. Kane also always keeps a normal toned voice when talking to others. Only one person has ever seen that Kane has a dark side.