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Killer Bee vs. Kisame Full Fight (English Sub)

Hoshigaki, Kisame from the anime, prime example of the strength of said clan



A fearsome clan native to Kirigakure, the Hoshigaki are humanoids with shark-like features and a peculiar set of features attributing that as their Kekkai Genkai.


Hoshigaki are easily determined by their physical characteristics. Every member of the clan resembling a shark with blue skin, rough scales, razor sharp teeth, gills on their necks, and gill-like markings on their cheekbones.

The average Hoshigaki also differ from the usual person in more subtle ways as well. Being taller than average and with slightly smaller pupils, they can easily be mistaken for something other than human.


Harassed, hunted, and shunned by the majority of the world, many Hoshigaki have taken up the village of Kirigakure as their permanent residence. A substantial bounty placed on the head of each of the members due to their alien appearance, they have found the village to be a safe haven of sorts. 

A long history of military ferocity, the clan has seen a decline in recent years after the bounty had been placed. A large amount of clan members going into hiding to protect their own lives, or taking a more violent route and moving up in the clan's personal military ranks.

The bounties set on the Hoshigaki's heads have been dissolved as the current alive members of the clan seek to lead it to a better future.

Notable Members

 Hoshigaki, Kamu  [Deceased] 

◕ Hoshigaki, Senshoro [Deceased]

◕Hoshigaki, Lei

◕Hoshigaki, Issac

◕Hoshigaki, Sachiko

◕Hoshigaki, Sumirama

Clan Abilities

  • Trains Chakra Perks at an Accelerated Rate
  • Eligible to reach Tailed Beast level Chakra
  • Enhanced Water Elemental Training Ability