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The Hozuki are a clan of Shinobi with orgins rooting in the Land of Water. For generations, they've harnessed the ability to turn their bodies into a liquified form.

Members of the Hozuki possess the ability to turn their body into a water form utilizing the Hydrification Technique (Suika no Jutsu). However, this ability requires the user to stay hydrated at all times, and for that reason, it's common that members of the Hozuki would carry with some some source of water for sustenance.

Notable Clan Members

Perks Related to the Clan

Hydration Master
--The Hozuki clan of Kirigakure are famed for hydration abilities. This individual has advanced to such a degree of mastery that they are able to utilize advanced hydrative techniques, and convert their bodies for longer durations. This enables the usage of Water Gun, and Drowning Water Blob.

Demon Fish
--This individual is uniquely skilled in the mastery of the hydrification technique. They are capable of merging with large bodies of water, and collecting it into their own bodies - both extending their reach, size and strength. This allows the use of techniques similar to the Demon Blob, used by Suigetsu versus the Eight Tails.