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Nuria age 17.

Nuria Hozuki is a Genin and member of the police of Kirigakure.


Nuria is a rather tall and toned girl who looks more like a male teenager than anything. She has a flat chest while wearing clothing and sports traditional male kimono's of dark blue's and purple's. Her hair is buzzed on part of her skull while the rest of her mane flows over the opposite shoulder. Her bright turqious eyes light up the 'pretty boy' features she usually hides partly under her bangs. She has a police badge on her right arm to show the affiliation she has in the village. As well as a holster between her shoulder blades that is commonly holding a bo staff wrapped in dark or brightly colored ribbons for threading.


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Nuria as a student.

Grew up on the streets of the Mist... living in vacant homes when she could find one and relatively keeping her life on the streets away from superiors ears. Hardly anyone knows of the life she lived up until joining the academy... Studying under Riden Yuki with attentiveness until the war when she dropped out. The girl used to look rather feminine in her student days until she reappeared. Her looks being drastically changed to fit her new found determination to become a shinobi and her plans to keep her gender hidden from bias. Going back to the academy only to complete the exam and then work under the mentor she admired more than most. Through hard work and focus she eventually found that she had a brother in the village and no longer lives on the streets. Nuria was recently accepted into the police force as a member.