Rekka the Jounin

Rekka is a Jounin and member of the Kirigakure Medical Corp in Kirigakure .


Rekka is a determined and hard-working woman when it goes down to busy, held-back when it comes to friends. She dislikes the fact to pick one friend over another and would avoid doing so, trying to find a middle way.

She's a lazy person on the other hand, always on duty and never off-duty...A slight excuse for her to not go on relaxing trips or anything near that, she dislikes relaxing or getting treated well from time to time.


Rekka stands at a height of five foot, five inches (5'5) and weighs roughly three hundred and twenty pounds. She has her natural white hair and orange/brown coloured eyes.

She wears a basic outfit, ever changing depending on her mood for change. Her main features that may be worn that are notable being the Jounin Jumpsuit and Flak Chuunin Vest, She's usually in a sleeveless outfit due to rather exposing as much skin as possible for classified reasons.