Blue at age 10.

Blue Hyuuga is a chuunin of Konohagakure no Sato.


Blue is adopted by Jakuchu Azura. She lives at the Hokage Mansion and has been living there for almost two years now.

Family Members:

  • Jakuchu Azura

    Blue age 6-8.

  • Tristis Azura [Deceased]
  • Kaoskei Hyuuga [Deceased]
  • Luka Hyuuga [Deceased]
  • Kuro Hyuuga [Deceased]
  • Niko Hyuuga [Deceased]
  • Akuro Hyuuga [Deceased]
  • Regulas [Deceased]
  • Biological Parents names unknown [Deceased]


Blue is a rather small child with lengthy blue hair reaching the floor in two long braids. She always is wearing an eyepatch with a headband sewn into the strap of leather. Blue also always has at the least two scrolls on her hip and a small holster on her other hip. The small child smells of fresh cherry blossoms and often is seen with a blank one bright blue eyed stare. She seemingly is very quiet excluding when she will sometimes hum at random some of her favorite and errie tunes.


Her history is unknown to most. Some get to hear her story about the loss of her eye and tongue though most have not been able to have the 'pleasure' of hearing her gruesome stories. Up until two years ago Blue was a missing shinobi until her return home to Konoha.