Cg adult neji by idnar
Kaoskei "True Sight" Hyuuga is a well known Chuunin in the village of Konohagakure no Sato.


Kaoskei's appearance mirrors that of a beat jabberwocky in the middle of a fiery flame. . Okay, not really. His body is covered in different scars; particularly large gashes across his body which healed and left their marks. Several skin distortions also line his skin, marking different discolorations and such across his body; most of which are hidden behind his clothing.


Kaoskei is a very focused and serious person who always has the best interests of others on mind. He acts the same way, but wouldn't describe himself the same way. He can be playful at times, but when things get tough, he becomes a very serious person in battle.

When Kaoskei enters this , he will almost do anything to ensure that the mission is completed successfully, despite the consequences. He sees the brighter light on the other side, not the bloody field that he crossed to get him there.


Kaoskei grew up in the Side-Branch family of Konohgakure no Sato's very own Hyuuga clan. He wasn't treated poorly and had no real hatred for the clan at all. He grew to respect those who held the Main Family Blood and knew what he had to personally do whenever the time had arisen. He was well aware that he had to protect the next Heir, and thus started his drive to become a great Shinobi. 

Whilst in the Academy, Kaoskei had mediocre marks and didn't really excell ahead of everyone all that much. The only thing that he was truly capable of saying he was better than the others at was merely the actual starting procedure of the Basic Academy Jutsu. The only way that he had been even close to capable to doing such was only because of being born and trained to maneuver his chakra as fluid as the {Yin} and {Yang} allowed him to.

Upon extending through the Academy, he'd seen most of his class Graduate and even followed suit. He didn't have any problem with it up to that point. It was only when the Genin duties actually rose from the ground and he was put into a construction squad that things got hard. Luckily enough, however; he was paired up with two people he'd grow to have as his best friends and progress with them farther than he'd ever imagined possible. Godric Uchiha and Yushiro Mitsumi.