Inuzuka Symbol
The Inuzuka are a family of shinobi originating from Konohagakure who are distinguished by their red fang markings on their face. Each Inuzuka is given a canine companion(s) after a certain age which they will be inseperable from during the remainder of their life. The clan is well known for their use of collaboration jutsu, with closely-bonded ninken and shinobi fighting alongside each other.

Due to their special connection with canines, Inuzuka clan members are able to communicate with and understand them.

The clan's fighting style is based off of canine-esque techniques which capitalize on their increased agility, strength, and speed granted from one of their techniques. The most well-known clan techniques create a 'hit-and-run' style of high-speed taijutsu.

Known Techniques

Applies to techniques that have actually been used commonly.

  • Shikyaku (Power-up) - Increases speed and reflexes by one step. Mastery of this technique (Attained at Roughly Jounin (B) increases the speed to two steps.
  • Jujin Bunshin
  • Gatsuga - (Requires the Chemistry perk to be used by both the ninken and shinobi simultaneously.)

Related Perks

Chemistry (T2)
--The duo of Inuzuka to their dogs is unlike another else in the shinobi world. This partnership has advanced to such a degree that they are able to syncronize attacks with complete chemistry. They are able to communicate as though through verbal communication, which enables the use of Fang over Fang, and proper usage of transformations!


Intelligent Familiar (Requires C-)
--This familiar is highly intelligent, grasping at the fundamentals of human speech, and communication.  They are even capable of ground-level logic and problem solving.

Notable Members.