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Ren Inuzuka

Inuzuka, Ren is the progenitor of the Inuzuka Clan.


Ren is looks like just your average guy, standing at 5'4 and weighing 109 lbs. He wears a dark untidy hair and got red fang like marks on both his cheeks.


Ren at a young age entered the academy and learned the most basic jutsus and knowledge regarding the world of the shinobi. One day, the young Inuzuka travelled outside the village and found his first friend(puppy) on a cave, scared and helpless. He fed the puppy and named him Sora. Ren and Sora soon found themselves able to communicate and understand each other, which also enables them to freely tag-team in a fight.

The Inuzuka clan had no clan leader. In his time, the Inuzukas were completely being underestimated. This made his promise himself and Sora to grow strong and return the former fame and honor of the clan.

Ren was proclaimed as the new head of the clan after Jakuchu, Azura's return, being acknowledge by the Hokage as the Head of the Inuzuka Clan, and to take full responsibility as the new clan leader at yet but at a very young age. This made him feel that a great responsibility is waiting ahead, in which he took it with a hopeful smile upon his face.

With the support of his friend, Shirai Inuzuka. He did his best reuniting the clan members, gaining hope for them, and had also shown the people of his might, the Inuzuka's might and succeeded.

A year had passed since he successfully reunited and organized the clan. The position was taken by Shirai whom would soon lead the clan on to a new path lying ahead.

Inuzuka Clan Leaders
Inuzuka, Ren → Inuzuka, Shirai → Inuzuka, Ayasune