Current Ishimaki

Ishimaki, also known as Shimoru to his close friends and family, is a character in Era of the Shinobi. He is known for his bright yellow hair and his fun loving and serious nature. Currently he is a Twelve year old academy student training in the village of Sunagakure no Sato.


Ishimaki was born into a small family he has one older brother who was ill from birth and has never left the hospital. Ishimaki from a young age wished to be a Shinobi as he sow all the other kids in the village playing ninja and always talking about it. It was hard at first for him to reach out for his dreram as his normal citizens parents wished for him to stay out of harms way and become a chef or some other profession. But the Shinobi passion burned deep within Ishimaki's blood causing him to sign himself up for the academy. Through this motivation the boy pushes himself to be the best he can be working hard yet loving every step of the way.


Ishimaki is known for his slight fun loving nature, although he does have a very serious side. He could be described as a double sided coin because one seocnd he could be laughing madly at his own or someone else's joke and within another secone have an attitude switch to a serious and ready to strike. This is what makes it slightly hard to get a feel for what he is thinking sometimes leaving others wondering if he really is a good guy or if it is all just a ploy to get on peoples good side.