Now sixteen, Jade has decided to change her looks entirely, and is now known as "Amelina'. 


Jade became more 'active' during the chuunin exam of...663, was it? 

Whatever year it was, it was during the exams that she went around Konoho, teaching herself what she co
uld, getting help with what she couldn't, and made a few friends because, believe it or not, she wasn't always so evasive to interacting with others. 

Two years later, she had made many friends from her village and went into the medical field, and while she had been kicked out of her home by her own mother, had found family with fellow ninja and was adopted by an older male and his girlfriend of the time, though she realized that many people didn't like her new brother..something that didn't bother her as it meant less houseguests. 

During a mission with Ocosu, however, her days of sweetness came to an adrupt end when she was suddenly striken from behind and fell into a coma, a coma that lasted two months and which, during that time, many of her friends were either killed or went rogue which left her almost utterly alone. Being a person that didn't want to bother other people she keeps her distance from her last living friend and the new Mizukage.  

New Jade!  

It seems that, after another trip away to gather her personal thoughts, that Jade has came back to the village completely new and reinvented. She has lost her dreary personality and instead focuses more on happiness. Heck, she even has three students to train!

Profession and skills

Jade is a medic, and one that is very advanced for her age and shows so much skill in the craft one could say she is a 'Surgeon', capable of not only performing operations by herself, but also is a source of vast medical knowledge.