Jutsus or Techniques are embodiments of  chakra, a mix of physical and mental energies, who have many kinds of use in situations. They are used for defensive purposes, offensive purposes, tactical purposes and many more, there are no limits.

There are multiple types of Jutsus that can be split in multiple categories.

  • Taijutsu
  • Genjutsu
  • Ninjutsu
  • Fuuinjutsu
  • Kekkei Genkai

These are the most commonly known and/or used jutsu types in the ninja world.

Taijutsu is the physical and melee kind of jutsu type and requires -no- chakra. You -can- improve your taijutsu by controlling your chakra into your fists or legs for improved damage or destruction though. Some examples of Taijutsu Techniques are Dynamic Entry, Leaf Hurricane and more.

Genjutsu is the mindplay type of jutsu. The people who use this type of genjutsu are rather rare and focus on invading the mind and playing tricks with itself, there is a wide array of uses to this from offensive to reconnesaince purposes. Example of a genjutsu is invading one's mind and distorting it's vision or sense of direction, making the enemy incapable of moving right.

Ninjutsu is the probably the most commonly known type of jutsu and most likely most used type of jutsu. They focus on elemental chakra and mix these chakra's into jutsu that can range from offensive to defensive or restraining use. Said elements have a weakness and a strength towards another one, I.E Water will have the advantage over fire in combat.The different elements in a circle, showing what they are strong to and weak to.

Fuuinjutsu is probably even less used than genjutsu and is the art of Sealing. This jutsu focuses on sealing items and/or other stuff that are appliable. Weaponists are known for using fuuinjutsu quite a lot, I.E Tenten. Sealing can range from an object to a person or an element and even Tailed beasts.

Kekkei Genkai are basically ninjutsu or doujutsu that are passed down from generation to generation in a clan, they are mostly passe onto people who have the corresponding elemental affinities in their body. I.E Senju's -with- woodstyle would have the Suiton and Doton element to be able to practice this woodstyle. There are multiple styles that are a mix of multiple jutsu though and not all Kekkei Genkai apply to this rule. Doujutsu, for example, don't have a specific element, See: Byakugan/Sharingan/Rinnegan. They are visual jutsu's that are passed down, giving them abilities to see things the average ninja couldn't.