Kaeto Nara

The Clan Leader of the Naras, Kaeto.

Kaeto Nara is currently an 18 year old Genin who resides in the Leaf Village. Her parents are Lucile Nara and Marek Nara, who are both Alive and well. Her brother is Makoto Nara who is also alive, and is her little brother. Her cousin Max Nara is now dead, due to Godric Uchiha when he entered the village and killed all who tried to rebel against him. Kaeto Nara also has a cousin who she holds dear to her heart, Nobuko Nara. Kaetos favorite things to do are Read, Train, and Make Friends. As well as Shopping and trying new hairstyles with her girls. She is straight and can get very angry, she however does not hold a grudge unless it is very personal.


When Kaeto was born she was immediately taught about her Clans Background, given information on the Shadow Manipulation and the Forest of the Naras, which is indeed forbidden to every clan except for the Nara Clan. Kaeto made her way through the Academy with the Headmaster Kane Hikonaru, and when she passed the Genin Exam she noticed that she was the one who scored the most points out of everyone. Kaeto has chosen the profession of a Scout and has trained under Nobuko Nara, her cousin, for Kagemane which she learned in one year, instead of two. After a recent attack on the Leaf Village, Nobuko Nara has given Kaeto the Position of Clan Leader. Now Kaeto is determined to learn all of her Clans Jutsus and if she has two, she will hunt and kill Nobuko.