The forehead markings present on all Kaguya.

The Kaguya are a barbaric clan that dwell in the Village Hidden in the Mist. Few select clan members possess the kekkei genkai Shikotsumyaku which allows them to manipulate their bone structure in such a way that they are able to remove bones from their body in order to use them as a weapon. The bone itself regrows almost instantly and is far denser than your average bone. Furthermore, their bone structure is completely different than that of a normal human's which makes it tough to aid them if the Kaguya does end up contracting a fatal disease.

Notable Clan Members

Clan Perks

Bone Manipulator (T3) - increase/decrease densities and physical attributes of bones
--The Legendary Kaguya clan is reknown for their physical prowess. This individual has developed a high degree of mastery over their kekkai genkai, and is able to freely manipulate the bones in their body. The can increase their densities, physical attributes, and even structure to a certain degree.