Kira as a Genin

Kira has always been a curious boy, and even now he still lives up to that. Although he is known for being very weird, and awkward at times. As a rookie genin, Kira would usually go out with his friends for fun, train, and do nothing 'genin' like in reality, but that all changed when the Mist Nation attacked. Kira was caught in the war and was told to stay in the village as a guard for others. Kira didn't have a clue on how to use a weapon, he was weak at that time. But through harsh training he became strong, like he is now. One day, Kira found out one of his friends named Senju, Yoite had passed away and died, he was murdered. Kira vowed to become stronger after seeing his friend die, he saw the corpse, his dead friend [ Kira didn't have much friends back in his rookie career so it effected him greately]. Kira usually wears red and black.

Time Skip [One year]


Kira in his usual attire.

During the one year time skip he trained alone in solitude, where no one could disturb him. Through this he was able to really focus on his jutsus instead of loitering around the Konoha Square all day. Kira was promoted through-out the year due to his awesome-ness. Kira also had a rough time choosing between becoming an elementalist, or becoming a weaponist. Kira chose to become an elementalist for reasons unknown [ICly he thought it was easier]. Kira has become known around the village as Konoha's Creepiest Genin. Kira now train his katon jutsus usuallly alone or with friends. Although Kira is one of the 'higher' genin, he still has much to learn. The reason Kira now wears a facemask is because of his encounter with Mist Ninja, he was cut from his nose to his chin and now has a scar he does not like to show.


Kira is one weird boy, meet him and you will be scarred for life, or just creeped out.


Inuzuka, Shirai- Although Shirai disrespects Kira from time to time, Kira still thinks of him as a friend.

Zetma, Scyezo- A friend Kira creeps out, always