Ai Mitsuhide (NPC)==

This is the Konohagakure's Academy Nurse, she loves to take care of the Students when they get hurt. She prioritizes them first and she will watch out for them no matter what happens. She would sacrifice her own life for the Students of Konohagakure, as they are the hope for the next generation. She has been in many battles, as a Field Medic, so she knows what to do when it comes to painful cuts, bruises, and gashes. She was Oyashiro's very first student as he have taught her everything he knew.

Her Story

Ai was born in the Hidden Village of Mist, also known as Kirigakure. But because of all the fighting that was going on around, her family decided to move to the Leaf Village, which was told that the Leaf was an outstanding Village due to the fact that it was nice and warm, barely anyone actually tried to kill each other in the Village. Ai's mother died of Tuberculosis, which is why she had always wanted to become a Medic, so that she could save people whom even had the rarest blood disease. When Ai and her father got to Leaf they were joined in with welcomed arms by her grandparents, whom are still alive today due to amazing health, taking care of their body. Her grandparents are also vegitarian, and she too has been picked for eating this special way. Ai also is a Herbologist, which means that she picks up her own plants and makes her own medicine out of them as well. She always makes her medicine nice and sweet so that the Students of the Academy will take it. During battles, she is fierce, the thing that drives her to live and defeat her enemies is her Student's lives. Because if she ever dies... she knows that she cannot protect her students when they needed her the most, again.