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Pudgy puppy by lemonademix
Lancelot is a three month old puppy. Mizuri, Inuzuka is his owner, however he is often seen around Kane, HikonaruLeon and the Konoha Square. He recently acquired a new set of owners who have now replaced Mizuri, they are Uchiha, KazumaUchiha, Kyra  and Uchiha, Karen.


Lancelot is a nice pup, always gentle...Dislikes very few people to none. (except Bjin, Byojin). Lancelot has a tendency to be lazy when he's being carried around. He's young and energetic when he wants to though. He desires to be usefull in any way possible and there's one way that he might be able to, by becoming a tracker dog!


A young looking pup, a cross-breed of unknown breeds. He seemed to take after a golden retriever with it's yellow brownish fur in his growing state, he stands about 1'7 tall at his age and weighs roughly twenty-seven and a half pounds. He has pure-black eyes forever staring with a cute and perhaps sad expression.

Background & Story

Lancelot was born in Konoha by a Ninken. He was given to Mizuri for her birthday to start their shinobi careers together. The little pup was often seen alone and felt as if Mizuri was never around to play and train with him. During one of the genin exams, Lancelot met Kane and became attached from that point on. He joined Team Kane along with Jakaisa, AzuraSasaru, Hyuuga, and In'sho, Uchiha to officially begin his ninken career.

Lancelot wasn't in the village on his own for long before people started taking a liking to him, his ninken career set on hold once again as Leon took him along, being somewhat protective over him as for now. Ofcourse, there were others who also took a liking for him: NoboruInuzuka, ShiraiSenju, HomikaNamiko  and the members of his team ofcourse along with others (that i don't know right off the bat). What will happen to his training, how will he train and all these questions remain unanswered for now.

Lancelot has been taken in by an Uchiha family. Uchiha, Kazuma picked Lancelot up at one point and abducted him to his home, introducing him to his adoptive daughter Uchiha, Karen and wife Uchiha, Kyra  Where they started to bond together and took Lancelot into their care and home. Lancelot was renamed to a new name by the family, they not have known that he had a name and recently finding that out but sticking with the name they recently and newly gave him. Cutsy was this name, the origins or reason why he was given that's unknown to him.