Leon's currently the Nidaime Hokage of Konohagakure. 


Leon's usually seen in his Hokage robes, the ones that were given to him as he rose to the position of Hokage, as well as a bangs style haircut , his hair usually covers his left eye because of this, when it's not covered by his hair, it's still covered up by the eyepatch he wears over his left eye.The man does have a few scars on his body, most of which are covered by his robes.


Leon grew up in the Leaf, leading a pretty average, but boring life. Not really doing much, simply wasting his time doing useless things, up untill he hit age sixteen. From there, he'd enroll into the academy, figuring "Hey, why not?" since he really didn't do much as is, and his parents were simple office workers. Even though he didn't really do that great.

Spending his Academy days as a rather, quiet, somewhat sarcastic little kid, he didn't really have anyone he could call a friend, up untill he met Shigeru Uchiha. A guy around his own age, who was also looking to become a shinobi. Leon was decent, when it came to the academy, well he was good enough to pass. But he really didn't want to do anything that had to do with Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. No, he'd begin perfecting his Taijutsu, eventually, he went in deep enough to learn about the Eight Gates, and was even able to open some of them. It was around here where Shigeru had only considered him as a secret weapon, nothing less nothing more. The word friend didn't mean anything to the guy. Though, he was all he had, seeing as he was a loner, so he just went along with it. Well, untill Shigeru got into a clan struggle and ultimately screwed himself over, which led Leon to stay out of this crap, completely. Of course, Shigeru ended up dead, which is when he began to have an actual reason as to why he wanted to be a Shinobi. 


Young Leon

A few deaths later, it was time for the Chuunin Exams. Leon'd participate, get lucky, and come out as the only victor who wasn't an Uchiha, from there, he was a Chuunin for about two years, before being promoted to a Jounin, from there, he'd go on to lead Team Leon.