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Maree Otsutsuki

"Selfless Service and Extreme Loyalty resembles a True Shinobi" ~Maree Otsutsuki


Maree has white hair wrapped up with a red hair tie in a messy way with her scalp line having the traditional otsutsuki scalp line,in the front of her head you can see two smaller ponytails wrapped messily with red hair tie's as well,on Maree's arms she is drenched in scars and coming out of her right shoulder are bloody bones she can fight with. near Maree's lower abdomen you can see a black lace vest with purple straps and another purple strap at the bottom to hold it in place. Lower down her waist you can see more scars and deeper cuts. Upon her forehead are two eyes that are demonic in power below them are her two big green eyes.


She was born from Kaguya along with Hagoromo and Hamura but never understood what her purpose was she always questioned her mother and was always a bothersome creature but her mother loved her for that. When Maree was 6 years old she started becoming stronger so strong that she already had he three tomoe sharingan at this age but Kaguya took advantage of the fact that she was getting stronger she told her "when I was your age I was already the mother of chakra" after that some time passes and Maree what 14 years old she had already unlocked the tenseigan, rinnegan, and three tomoe rinnegan by then Maree was practically unstoppable the only being who could kill her was her mother Kaguya. Maree didn't really care about being powerful she just wanted to play because she was still young and she is still growing. When Maree hit 20 years old she already had three rinnesharingan's she then with that power fought her first enemy this enemy sent shivers down her spine but she still wanted to fight,Momoshiki Otsutsuki was her enemy even with three rinnesharingan's she still almost got beat from god Momoshiki who absorbed every one her attacks and ragdolled her like she was nothing then after she was on her last bit of power she called out the ten tails and Momoskiki lost with Maree proving to Kaguya she was her new successor.


  1. Sharingan:Maree has a sharingan strong enough to decimate a planet.
  2. Mangekyou Sharingan:Maree's mangekyou sharingan is powerfull enough to kill somebody who's not even near her.
  3. Rinnegan:Maree used her rinnegan in order to weaken momoshiki so she could deliver the finishing blow.
  4. Byakugan:Maree inherited he byakugan from her mother her byakugan is extremely pure.