The Mazashi Clan's Crest

According to the sacred scrolls of the Mazashi Clan, Mazashi, Yagazo, who founded the Clan, apparently made a pact with a talking White Tiger. From that day on, both he and the Tiger became close friends. They treated one another with care, love, kindness, along with behaving as if they were siblings. Even through the rough times, they fought, side-by-side. Eventually, he said that the Mazashi descendent who be-friends a White Tiger is the supposed leader of the clan.

The Mazashi Reborn

(The New Age) - Decades have gone by since the Mazashi Clan's flourishing period. Currently, the populus is very small. Even though there are but a few Mazashis, two have stepped up to take on the roles as the Clan's new figure-heads. Mazashi, Kazuro, the new leader of the Clan, and Mazashi, Yukuro, the Clan's soon to be Kenjutsu specialist. The two both hold some special prowess and up-held respect from the villagers and some of the shinobi of Konohagakure. They also came to an agreement that Kazuro would be the leader, for the simple fact that Tora, Kazuro's pet White-Tiger, had taken a liking to him. According to the texts, he simply fits the description.


The Mazashi Clan's Founder: Mazashi, Yagazo. In this picture, he's riding on the depicted White Tiger

Notable Members

Kazuro Mazashi - Current clan head.

Yukuro Mazashi (Deceased) - The potential of the Mazashi; all hope of restoring the clan to grandure was lost with his death.

Kojuro Mazashi (Deceased) - A traitor to the clan, betraying them to follow a random stranger he met wearing a mask, shortly before being horribly killed.

Tatsuro Mazashi (Deceased) - The one with red hair.