"Hello, my name is Meiyo, Jess" (Aged 17-20)

Meiyo, Jess is a 18 year old female, who resides in Seinaru Kenouho (Or Iron Temple). She is currently ranked as an Officer, as appointed by the current Warlord, Zane.

Jess was 23 years old when she passed, leaving behind her family; Seria, Tobias and Homika.

"Death is but the end of one story and the beginning of another"

- Meiyo, Jess


Jess is a fair skinned female Samurai who has brown eyes and her natural hair colour is black. This tends to change from time to time, generally whenever she feels like having a change of clothing. When she was born, she was underweight at 5 pounds, the average for a new born being around 6 to 8. This caused quite a few problems during her early ages such as her being quite short. When she was young, her hair colour remained black, and she


(Ages 5-8)

stayed with a style, which was simply straight, with a small parting on the right side of her hair. She would wear white robes, wth a blue sash and generally sandles or flipflops as she went around her families farm. At this point she was no longer underweight, but she would still be short.
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(Ages 8-13)

When she was 8, she decided to change how she looked, adopting a zip-up hoodie and a white top which would be underneith. With this, she would wear black trousers with a red sash and black shoes. It was now that she was helping actively on the farm and was learning the trade, so to speak. So in addition to the clothes, she was generally covered in dirt or dust of some kind, being due to the fact she was a child which liked to play, and considering she did not have anyone to play with she was left to explore by herself.

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(Aged 13-15)

At the age of 13, she would change once more, now becoming older it was natural that she would need to change and buy new clothes but with this, she would change her hair colour, going from black to blue. For a while, she would wear a black, silky top, with a white shirt underneith, blue jeans and a different pair of black shoes. This changed though after about a year when she decieded to adopt into a different set of clothing, changing what she wore completely. She would, for the next 6 months, wear a white tank top, a black pair of trousers with a red sash and black shoes once more.   

Anime girl contemplating happily with a book

(Aged 16-17)

She would go back to black hair just before she joined the Samurai, and because of joining them, she had to change what she wore again. It was standard for the new apprentices to wear robes or at least until they got to the rank of Samurai to where they would wear their armour most of the time. This was pretty much what she did. Her facial features would be softer, yet at the same time much stronger due to the fact that she had lost all of her baby fat by this time.

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(Aged 20-21)

By the time that her style changed again, she would be much older and it would only be due to the tragic accident that happened to her in Konoha. Due to this, she could no longer wear her armour as it was simply to heavy for her to be able to keep on without getting too tired or for her to not cough up blood. Because of this, she went back to wearing her robes, but only for a littlewhile. After this, she would change to a red jacket, wearing bandages under it to hide the scaring which resided beneith it. With this, she wore white/very light blue pants and her usual black shoes.


(Aged 22+)

Her most up-to-date look would be when she moved to the Great Northern Temple. It was simply too cold for her to be wearing the open jacket and was forced to change. She went from that to wearing a long sleeved shirt, and above that a female long coat, there was then pants, with a belt which she kept tilted and boots. All of these peices of clothing would be some form of brown, and kind of looks like a Jedi Robe.

Over the next four years, Jess would not change much, other than her hair growing a bit and getting softer features from aging.


After Ace left, Jess became a bit colder. This was due to the hate she felt for him. In addition to this, she started to focus more on her role as a Samurai, using that role as a shield of sorts to protect her from her own feelings. She eventually started to warm up to people again during her visit to Konoha. This was mostly done with the help of Azura, Jakaisa, even though the little girl does not know it.

She would continue to become warmer but her confidence would be knocked rather badly. This was done due to the incident that happened in Konoha, causing her to have some rather badly damaged organs. Appart from this, she is a rather happy female.   

The Story So Far...

Before the Temple and Taking a Chance.
Jess was born into an average family in the lands owned by the Iron Temple. She was well sheltered from the harshness of the outside world, which later caused problems. Her father was a Scholar, who specialised in weaponary and because of this Jess has a wide knowledge of weaponaryfrom both the Ninja and Samurai worlds. She would spend many nights with him learning about these things and found them most facinating. Her mother on the other hand worked on a farm. Jess would help her with farming in the day and found it a fun activity to do with her mother and also saw it as a bonding opportunity.

from both the Ninja and Samurai worlds. She would spend many nights with him learning about these things and found them most fascinating. Her mother on the other hand worked on a farm. Jess would help her with farming in the day and found it a fun activity to do with her mother and also saw it as a bonding opportunity.

Jess became a Trainee at the Iron Temple simply by chance. One night, when she was walking around she met a man named Arato, Kenjiro, who was reminiscing over past events. Jess offered her ear, and he somewhat opened up to her a little bit, but not much. They laid under the stars and looked at them, talking away. The topic of her father came up and it was revealed that he wanted to be a Samurai, but simply became too ill to do so. It was then that Kenjiro offered her the position of Trainee and became his first student.

Becoming a Samurai and Losing a Loved One.
After a few days, many more came to the Temple to learn. That was when she met her first boyfriend, Ace. He was cold, but Jess thought she could change that, and to a certain extent she did. For the next few months she began to undo his coldness. One night, however he left, only leaving a note that said "I'll be back soon". After the first couple of weeks she began to believe that he had left her and thus, she began to hate him.Jess then became a Samurai and for the next 8 or so months continued training, but with a little bit more responsibility.

As a Samurai, she swore Oath to the Temple and to the Shogun, as well as getting her sword. Ace came back after the 8 months and Jess nearly ran him through with her blade... the first and only time she had unsheathed her sword since obtaining it. Ace was later killed by Zane.

Retrieving the Idiot and Making Friends.
Jess then took a trip with Zane to Konohagakure, her first trip outside of the Iron Temple. She was thoroughly excited and could not wait to get there. Along the way, the two stumbled across the Hokage and his late wife, fighting on the bridge linking the mining town to Konoha. On top of said bridge was Uchiha, Godric who politely asked them to walk away, which they did.They went to Konoha to retrieve Ishii, who had gone without the proper papers and had been locked away in prison. After spending a couple of days in Konoha, Zane took Ishii back to the temple and gave Jess the task he had given Ishii prior to coming to Konoha. Jess tried her best to interact with the population and did reasonably well, making a few friends along the way.

Whilst there, their was a bombing on the Academy. Jess had luckily left minutes before it had happened, but had told the Hokage's daughter Azura, Jakaisa, who was under her care at the time, to remain and watch the tournament that was happening.

While in Konoha, Jess also assisted with a murder investigation, along with Scyzeo, who became one of her friends and who she did her best to support during the -crisis-. Another friend she met was Uchiha, Kazuma, who often took Jess out for food and showed her around the village. Jess deeply appreciated it, and one day hopes to make it up to him.

An honourable Promotion
After leaving Konoha and returning home to the Iron Temple, Jess was asked a question, "How loyal are you to me, my dear". This question was posed by none other than Zane, the Warlord. She replied with "I believe that question can only be answered by my actions and not by words alone." Zane then presented her with a pill and told her that it contained poison. He ordered her to take the pill, which she did without hesitation. Taking her sword from her, he placed a sigil on it and officially promted her to the rank of Officer.
Returning To Konoha - Part One
Shortly after these events Zane and Jess headed back to Konoha. This was due to the recent attack that had happened, that was caused by Uchiha, Godric. Upon arrive to the village they were welcomed in and briefed on the events that had recently taken place. It was there she met her new dog, Inuzuka, Inuki, who she had become friendly with while in the village.The two stayed there until the Chuunins had finished and the Konoha Ninja had returned home. After that, they returned home again, but after many days of being at the Temple, Jess, along with Inuki and Hue, Lan asked Zane if they could travel back to Konoha in which he agreed. Little did they know that just above the mining village, Godric and his gang were planning another attack on Konohagakure and the three walked right into them. After being questioned about who they were, Zane turned up, greeting and seemingly becomming friends with Godric and even killing a Genin to prove his loyalty to him. As a newly formed group they attacked Konohagakure.

Little did Godric know, Zane was secretly planning to kill Godric, and almost did just that, but the battle was inturruped before Zane could do so, by Gabriella, a rouge samurai. After Zane had turned on them, Godrics group went out one by one until there was next to none of them left.

A couple of days later, someone came to find Jess to tell her that Zane wished to speak with her. He told her that they were leaving the village, but Jess was to stay in the village and look for potential recruits and to train. He also noted that he was aware that she was the weakest of the Officers but was in the right mindset for the job.

An Unfortunate Series of Events
A month had gone by now and nothing really signifcant had happened except a trail for Godric follower Luna. Shortly after that, Jess was challenged to a fight by Luna and was beaten. Luna had caused significant injury to Jess, which included burns to her chest.

Shortly after recovering from the burns, Jess was -not- loiterning at the square when a Suna ninja walked in and started to proclaim that all Samurai were bad. Jess challanged this and was threatened at Kunai point. Jess seemingly talked her way out of it and was handed a rose, crafted by the mysterious female. Little did Jess know however that the Rose was made out of clay and that shortly after she would be blown up. It took 5 Medical Shinobi, some more experienced than others to patch Jess up until she could be seen by a proper Medical Shinobi. Her stomach and been completely blown up as well as some of her internal organs failing or being destroyed.

Oyashiro later fixed some of the damage, restoring her stomach and some of the organs. She probably would never be a combatant again.

On the road to recovery and A New Love.

The fact that Jess would never become a combatant again was in fact false. She would eventually learn how to wield her blade once more, but much happened before this. A Samurai from the Iron Temple came to take Jess away from the Hokage Mansion, but they had some time before they could or wanted to leave. The Hospital had just been rebuilt so they had Jess moved there, little did they know however there was a gas leak that would have killed Jess in a brutal explosion had Inuki not smelt the gas and saved her- Once more escaping death. They would finally move to the house which Jess had been staying in for a while, where she stayed until she was well enough to be moved. The people of Konoha believed the female to be dead, how she wished it to stay for the time being.

It was not long before Jess was finally moved back to the Iron Temple and upon seeing Zane, immediately unsheathed her blade, holding it out to him in two hands. She explained that she no longer felt fit to be an officer, somewhat feeling that she had dishonoured herself and the people of the temple. Zane dismissed this of course, telling her not to be silly which she accepted. It was then that Jess laid her eyes on the person who she would later become engaged and married to, but of course at the time she didn't know that and at the time, she still somewhat liked Scy.

Jess felt as though she was a pest, relying on others to clean up after her, especially after her coughing fits. It was mainly up to the new trainee's to do this duty, one of them being Seria. It came to a point where Jess had to bath, and naturally she couldn't do this herself. She asked Seria to help her with it and thats when they first really began to talk. Certain things happened and one thing lead to another and eventually, Jess ended up being in a relationship with the female.

Returning to Konoha - Part Two

Jess would have spent much time getting to know Seria and the two became much closer, but one day Mya came into the square with the remains of one of her friends. Mya would have gone to Konoha to bury her, but Jess could not allow her to go alone, and was in no real position to stop her leaving considering she was wheelchair bound. So instead, Jess would have gone with her, and thus started another journey to Konoha.

Once they arrived at the gate, they came across a rather cocky guard who refused them access to the village despite knowing who they were and what they were doing here. This angered Jess, but she knew there was nothing that she could do, despite being promised a safe access at any time she required it. They were stood there for hours, almost a full day before Mya decided that she would just bury her in the forest, as close to home as she could get here. Then... Shin arrived. Jess did not percieve him to be a threat at this time, but he turned and attacked Mya when she passed him. This resulted in Jess having to get out of her wheelchair, drawing her sword and attempting to fight him. This failed however, considering that he was the Ex-Mizukage and he would have most likely killed the both of them. Inuki stepped in to stop her snapping her ankle, but this resulted in Inuki flying across the gate and hitting the wall at an extreme speed, breaking most of his bones. Shin then took Jess' blade and held it above her head, ready to kill her, and at the last minute Seiryu arrived on the scene, throwing a chakra infused Kunai and snapping the blade in half. A huge battle broke out which Jess managed to survive.

Shin was cast out of Konoha and for a while, Jess and Mya were safe. Jess would now look after Homika with Scyezo, as the young female would develop a fever. It was also to Jess' surprise that she was capable of speaking, as when she met her, she appeared to be mute. Regardless, this would happen for a while as Jess nursed her back to health. Not long after, perhaps a day or two, Jess would fall to a fever to no fault of Homika's. It was a result of her staying up way to long and not resting enough. With the fever, came the violent coughing and the blood spewing, as it would normally. Things only got worse as Jess began getting very vivid memories of the explosion and would eventully hear a high pitched sound ringing in her ear, causing her to have a breakdown of sorts. After some time, she would recover from this and soon confessed how she used to feel towards Scy.

Back to the Temple and a Proposal.

The temple must have noticed that both Jess and Mya were missing as Zane and Seria were both sent to retireve them form Konoha. Zane then questioned her, then telling her that what she did was irresponsible. Officer Hue would soon do the same thing.

When they returned, a while went by without anything happening and one night, Seria said she had a surprise for when Jess got better, since she was still rather weak she would still fall in and out of colds. The surprise turned out to be dinner- A candle lit dinner in the forest. Jess loved every minute of it and in the end, took out a small box from her pack. In the box was a ring, a gold and silver one with a reasonably sized diamond on it. She had bought it when she had gone to Konoha and was waiting for the right time to give it to Seria. It seemed that now was the correct time, and of course she said yes.

Adopting Tobias

Soon after, Jess went to the Northern Temple, seeing that she should show her face despite not really wanting to be a Samurai any more. She then set about getting Tobias there, which he had to stay due to being a Konohagakure Shinobi. She had grown close to Tobias in the short time that she was with him, and she believe that he did too. On the way back to Konoha from the Iron Temple, Tobias did something very unexpected. Usually to get her attention, he tugs at her clothing, which as per usual he did but on this one occasion he called her Kaasan-Sensei, which means Mother and Sensei. she came though to get used to it and with this in mind when she got to the Northern Temple, she would have sent a letter. This letter is as follows-

"It has come to my attention that Tobias is missing a motherly and fatherly figure, and whilst I cannot provide that of which a father can to his child, I can provide the motherly support. I have already spoken with him, and he has expressed his interest to be adopted by myself and Seria. Now, it wasn't me who approached him about this, it was actually him who came to me and since Seria and I cannot have a child, adopting one would seem the most prudent way. Below is the seal of the great northern temple, one that verifies this letter. I would like to ask if Tobias can, because of this, have entrance to your village, which he would still technically be a member of as well as to exit it at the time of his choosing as I wish not to restrict where he chooses to live since Konoha is still his home."

-Signed and sealed-

-Meiyo, Jess-

Jess did not speak to Seria about this however, and was sure to be in trouble for doing it without her consent as naturally, it would be a big part of her life too. Jess made her way back to Konoha,  to see what Leon would say about it, and he gave Tobias two options

-Option One-

"You hand in your headband and you leave to be with the Samurai"

-Option Two-

"You stay, but you cannot leave to go see Jess"

Jess would have made Tobias stay, but this would not be said at this point.

Looking after a little girl.

A little while after this, Jess found and spent some time with the female she saw as her daughter, Homika. Despite her not actually being related to Jess, she cared greatly for her and would spend as much time as she could looking after her, which to be honest would not be that much due to her work as a Samurai. Jess had though, promised Homika a trip to the temple a long time ago, which Homika one day thought to brought up. Jess would then go on to say how she could stay as long as she wanted, which turned out to be a very long time, or at least it would have been.

An unfortunate confrontation

Eventually, a meeting concerning that of Jess, Tobias, Scy, Homika and Leon took place with the unfortunate bystander, Kiana. It was to discuss the allowance of Tobias and Homika to leave to see Jess whenever they wished to. This... confrontation did not go very well though with Kiana mostly speaking out of turn with Jess unable to really fight back. She was bias towards the Samurai and evidently most things and it was one of the only people that could really annoy her. Then again, her emotional barrier that had been built during her many years with the Samurai had been mostly torn down which would show in the years to come.

When Homika eventually spoke however, Scy immediately shot her down, causing an argument between the two which caused an evenutal breakdown, one which Jess had seen before but nowhere near this bad. Jess asked permission from Leon to take her to her house where she would look after the female for the comming weeks, which was a long and painful experience for all those involved. For those weeks, Jess relied greatly on Yamanaka, June and Uchiha, Udion who would look after Homika when Jess was physically exhausted. Her injury didn't help much with this, although she had regained some control over it.

A four year time skip and a change in command

Over the next four years, Jess returned to Konoha (Admittedly sometimes against orders) to visit both Homika and Tobias, and sometimes with her came along Seria, who mostly saw Tobias and apparently gave him his childhood which he had never recieved. Jess wasn't very good at games and things as she was rather blunt at times, where as Seria was much more open to the idea of humour. There was a change in command towards the end of the four years and Senju, Kenshin took over as the warlord of the Great Northern Temple. Jess had speculated that had she seen a preist she could be fixed and since none were trained high enough until after the four years it took that long to be healed, or so she thought. She did feel better when the priestess attempted to heal her, although she knew it wasn't quite right.

She had taken on an apprentice over these years too, only one, actually taking her on some time before. This was mainly because of her condition, but it was the one person she trusted more than her family. Her name was Nihara, Sakume, and over the years she would teach her everything she could, leaving some secrets to her that even Seria did not know.

One of the final returns to Konoha.

Jess would return to Konoha, simply passing through as her orders were to head to the mining village, although she would stop a few days longer to visit both Tobias and Homika.  During this time, Homika had called Jess "Mom" which made her feel rather proud of herself. Little did she know though, that this visit would be the second to last. The temple was getting pissed off with her though as she was spending more time in Konoha than doing her duty although she did go there eventually. It was when she reached the mines that she realised she did not have a pick axe and therefore could not help with the mining and would have to return to Konoha for supplies. She'd stay longer this time, apparently until there was an uprising between Konoha and the Samurai at the mines and the Samurai had gone home. Jess didn't know this though and returned to the mining village. She was there for only a couple of hours before hearing voices in the dark, she'd wonder over to see who was there, seeing only a small female in the lights speaking to someone who was apparently in the darkness.

The figure in the dark apparently spotted Jess and attacked, taking Jess down in a matter of moments, using paralysis poison.

Being Captured.

Jess didn't bother trying to escape, or at least not straight away. She thought it pointless as she would surely be struck down. She did though, manage to get at least some free time, spent with none other than Uchiha, Seimu but this was only once and as it happened was for her very last meal. She had a lot of time to think and to talk, mostly to Noboru, who seemed to be bored most of the time and in the place in which she was being held. It was a small house, one she had not seen before and must have therefore been somewhere between the Mining Village and Kirigakure, or between the Mining Village and Sunagakure. It was most likely the former considering the lack of sand, but she still couldn't know for sure. Jess was simply taken into captivity as a test subject and would have after some time been tested on, or would have been had the chance presented itself to Rin. She had just started cutting Jess open when the girl from the mining village inturrupted her, claiming that Noboru wanted her by the lake. She went with Rin but returned first, removing the bindings which had Jess stuck to the bed. They would attempt to escape, but Rin would return before they could leave. 

What happened next would most likely be Jess' biggest mistake. Through seeing Rin's anger towards the girl, Jess would step in to stop her harming her, despite that not being Rin's intention. She didn't know this though and thus started a battle between Jess and Rin, which she would ultimately lose.

The end of one story...
For days, Jess would have been left on the bed. Binded even tighter by the rope which held her in place. It was uncomfortable to say the least and the cough that had plagued her for the past 5 years or so had returned in full force, bringing back the horrid blood that came with it. She was left alone with her thoughts, barely concious, breathing and most likely, very slowly bleeding out. The wound on her stomach was sloppily sown up, causing infection which made her feel even worse than she actually was. Rin eventually came in and after a small discussion with her, stabbed her brutally in the abdomen. Shots of blood would be released with each heart beat and Jess would scream out in agony. Slowly, but surely Jess was dying, but even more so as Rin stabbed her even more times. The coughs would intterupt the screams, causing even more blood to eject from her body and eventually, the coughing... the bleeding and the screaming stopped. Her eyes came to a close as the life drifted away.
...and the beginning of another

When her eyes opened once more, she was not where she had been previously. The room was dark, with only a small light in the distance. Eventually this light grew, englufing the room with its whiteness. In the middle of this room would be three chairs. Two of them would be facing away from her with the other facing towards her. It was evident that, that would be hers as she proceeded to move towards it. She noticed too that she was now wearing clothes, where as in the realm of the living, she was not. She was back in the attire which had become her normal one for the past few years.

All she could do now was wait, sitting in the chair and looking at the two facing her. Eventually two black sillouetts formed at first being unrecognisable until they had formed completely in the shape of her parents. They would be smiling in a somewhat awkward silence until one of them broke it. It was her mother "Jess" She would say before being inturrupted by Jess herself. "Mum, Dad... I failed you." The smile that had been plastered across their face soon turned into a frown as the words came out of her mouth, immediately they spoke, somewhat at the same time. "Nonsense... You have done nothing but make us proud, despite your... life style choices. You managed to bring up a boy, a girl. You got happily married and you never gave up. Well, at least whenever you had the choice." They would be smiling at her now and soon the two stood up. Their hands would extend towards Jess for her to take and soon enough she did. They would seemingly walk off with the light in the room fading around them. Eventually they would disapear into the darkness. The next time Jess would be seen would be when she returns to the light, to help Homika, Seria and Tobias on their way to the after life.


As an officer, Jess is required to take eight oaths.

  1. I will not stoop to using poison or other trickery
  2. I will not tell mistruths if at all possible
  3. I will act humble and honourable in defeat and victory
  4. I'll allow my enimies proper burial
  5. I will not desecrate the carcasses of my foes
  6. I'll show mercy to those who deserve it
  7.  I shall act with chivalry and etiquette
  8. I will not cheat, steal or scam


Over the course of Jess' adventures, she has met and befriended many people.

Rez, Seria (Meiyo, Seria)
A female at the Iron Temple that Jess is currently Married to. Jess has great feelings towards this person and is the first person she has had a loving relationship with since Ace had died. She trusts this person with her life and would do anything for her, except to stop trying to exert herself.
Azura, Jakaisa
A little girl that Jess took to looking after during her stay in Konoha. She developed a strong bond with her during the times of the bombing and the two are considered best friends. Jess gave Jakaisa her red gloves and told her that when she feels scared, to wear them and they will give her strength and make her feel brave. She regretably left Konoha without saying good bye to her, but left a note. Jess never saw this little girl again and assumes that she has passed away.
Arato, Kenjiro
Arato trained Jess after they spoke one night at the temple. Jess respects him greatly and, like the Shogun would put her life on the line for him. She hopes to find him in the future as he left the temple for some reason.
Ace was Jess' first boyfriend. Since he left her she became somewhat darker, but he was eventually killed by Zane upon his return.
Zane was the Shogun, the leader of the Samurai and despite not holding that position any more Jess respects him greatly and has proven that she would die to prove her loyalty.
Zetma, Scyezo
A fantastic friend who Jess has known since her first trip to Konoha. He can be awkward at times, as he is rather annoyingly innocent, but she cares for him greatly despite this.
A ninja she met whilst visiting Konohagakure. They formed a friendship and with that Jess bestowed a little girl onto him, telling him to look after her.
Senju, Tobias

Tobias is Jess' adopted son and Kenjutsu student. He often seems to call her "Kaasan-Sensei". They met when Jess was standing around, talking to some of her friends, when the young boy approached her, looking for a Sensei he ended up asking the female to be just that which she agreed. In their time together, the boy grew close to Jess and she found that he grew comfort from her. It was then, Jess decided to adopt the boy.

Senju, Homika
Homika is a little girl that Jess met on her first trip to Konoha. The small girl was mute at the time and asked by a peice of paper if she could draw the Samurai. Jess accepted and the little girl got to work. She was also in the explosion that took Jess' stomach from her, but she got hurt much less. Jess feels bad about this as it was somewhat her fault that she was hurt. This was the last time she saw her before she returned the second time, the little girl could this time talk and threw a Kunai to try and get Shin to stop when he attacked both of the female Samurai. At the time, Homika didn't recognise Jess, and it was only when she made herself know to her that she was recognised. Jess still cares for the girl dispite not being with her and has motherly feelings towards her.
To Be Continued...
To Be Continued...