Moon clan's symbol

The Moon clan was initially composed of a group, considered to some as a cult, of people who found within themselves the ability to conjure metal and other properties bearing the aforementioned element. As the clan aged and its members died, however, said ability was gradually lost, until resulting into a poor metallic control of small, nigh insignificant objects.

Clan Back Story

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Clan members/Heirarchy  

Moon, Mahiko - Currently still alive, and one of the most active clan members despite keeping to himself for a majority of the time.

Moon, Souta - Alive, active

Moon, Ochitsuka - Death by suicide in the year of 690.

Moon, Zeria - Death by war during the major conflict between Sunagakure & Kirigakure against Konohagakure and the (currently destroyed) Southern Iron Temple.

Moon, Tsuki - Missing, having disappeared from the world for reasons unknown.

Moon, Reilen - Alive; active.