Nara Symbol

The Nara Clan is a prominent clan in Konohagakure famous for their manipulation of shadows in battle.

Notable Clan Members

  • Nara, Drayko (Acting Head)
  • Nara, Natsuka
  • Nara, Jahk

Related Perks

Prerequisite: Kagemane

Split Shadow (T2) --This individual is highly skilled in manipulating the shadows. They have developed to such a degree that their shadow sewing technique can no split into multiple lengths, and affect numerous targets at once.

Flexible Shadow (T3) --As a skilled member of the Nara clan, this individual has developed density when relating to their shadow sewing technique. They are able to densify shadows in order to manipulate other objects. This enables them to grasp kunai, door handles, and even throw projectile weapons!

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