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Nara, Saiko at his 16 years old

Nara, Saiko is a academy student from Konohagakure with 16 years old.


Nara, Saiko has a medium-sized dark hair his eyes are also dark.


Saiko is a obscure an serius teen, he also don't likes to talk that much.

He is a very hardworking student and he really don't show any interest to what is appening in that moment.

He likes to stay quiet while he is training.

Background & Story

All his life is based in things that anyone one had the courage to do or to view.

At his seven years old his mother and father died from an assasination contract and he did saw what happenned. On the next day he was found crying near his dead parents.

Saiko had no family and no where to live, he passed 3 years living in the streets, with everyone ignoring him.

At his 10 years old, he was adopted by a rich family that was ignoring him all the time so at his eleven years old he ran away from home and started living in Konohagakure. He passed more 3 years of his life doing nothing.

At his 14 years he decided to join the academy, his first teacher was Kane after he became an academy student he did dissappear and never came back.

In year 690 Nara, Saiko reappeared in the village some days later, he discovered that was a going on a tournament for getting a recommendation for genin and so he did join the tournement. The participants were: Nara, Saiko; Aroka; Hyuuga, Reiji; Bjin, Byojin; Akira: Senju, Yurama.

In the first round he fought Aroka almost losing but he did win, in his second round fought Akira and he won, in the final vs Senju, Yurama he had lost.