This guide details how puppetry works, for puppeteers.  Loosely.  WIP.

Building a Puppet

Building a puppet requires a Puppeteer perk, minerals, a few good RPs of building it, and admin approval.  Right now, there are three different types of puppets, each with different ways to function, and different costs.

  • Humanoid Puppets (500 base mineral cost) are for stealth and ambush, utilizing internal compartments and hidden weapons to support during battle.
  • Non-Humanoid Puppets (1000 base mineral cost) are for raw combat.  These types of puppets have the most slots for weaponry and modules.
  • Miscellanous Puppets (Variable cost) are anything that don't fit into the above, such as replacement limbs or puppets too small to carry a proper module.

Equipping a Puppet

Different types of puppets can carry different types and amounts of modules.  Sometimes this varies, but this is a vague guideline towards equipping your new puppet.

  • Humanoid Puppets (50 minerals per module)
    • Head Slot
      • Mouth Slot
    • Left Arm Slot
      • Left Hand Slot
    • Right Arm Slot
      • Right Hand Slot
    • Body Slot
    • Legs Slot

  • Non-Humanoid Puppets (75 minerals per module)
    • Head Slot
      • Mouth Slot x2
    • Body Slot x2
    • Limb Slot x4
    • Tail Slot
    • Misc Slot x2
  • Misc Puppets vary wildly both in cost and in number of modules.