Remanants, a fraction of what was once a powerful group. The Iron Temple is a secluded faction of whom plays a mostly solitary role at the northern edge of the continent, keeping generally to the confines of their walls. As of recent events though, this has slowly begun to change, as new and powerful leaders attempt to drag the Seinaru Kenouhou back from the darkness.

The path of a Samurai is not an easy one. Although Samurai lack the common versatility shared amongst Shinobi, their ability in close range combat and their massive development rate makes them a true force to be reckoned with. Once a Samurai breaks the initial barrier as an apprentice, they will most often expand rapidly through the ranks, laughing in the faces of the Shinobi equivalents.

Current Temple Hierarchy



Previous Shoguns



Field Marshal


High Priestess

  • Dove



  • Shogun
  • Commissioner
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Officer
  • Samurai
  • Apprentice




A Blademaster is tasked with overseeing the Trainees and even Samurai, in charge of training them in the art of the sword and ensuring that they understand the philosophy of bushido. It is Their job both to teach and to punish, instilling respect in the trainees very early on.

Related Perks


Bladesman (T2/Samurai only)
--The Samurai of the Iron Temple. A strong but highly honorable order. This individual exemplifies their training regime, and is able to skillfully utilize chakra-blades. This allows them to both imbue chakra into the length of their blade, and launch it forwards for long-range attacks.

Descendant of the Dragon (Special/Samurai only) --The Legendary Order of the Dragon. A masterful ring of samurai that are above all others. They exemplify everything the Samurai stand for, and have mastered every technique. This individual is so highly skilled that they are able to utilize Dragon Style. For a split moment, this prevents any and all damage to the individual, as the form of a dragon takes over, similar to Susano'o of the Uchiha Clan.


Light Manipulator
--The manipulation of Light is a secret held tight to the Priests of the Iron Temple. This allows one to freely manipulate the cleansing aura of Light. Not only is this for supreme healing purposes, but it can also be used against those who exemplify the Darkness with excellent efficency.

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