Clan Senju del Bosque

In its time of orgin, the Senju Clan was reknown as one of the most powerful clans in its era. Its ancestry descends directly from the original Sage of Six Paths, alongside their close relatives, the Uchiha. Although most clans specialize in but one area, the members of the Senju are often generalist, becoming throughly skilled in Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu. This perhaps makes leadway for the clan's name, meaning: A Thousand Skills.

The Senju has long since lost their entitlement, having fallen weak as a family through the ravages of time. Nevertheless, the strength of its members cannot be forgotten, and what potential more modern embodiments show today. Yet, in the recent years the clan has seen a massive growth in members along with their growth quite allowing the possiblity that the clan may rise up from its feeble status.

Notable Clan Members

  • Senju, Ashu

Clan Abilities

Senju are able to choose one core perk tree to learn at an accelerated pace. The only way to achieve T4 stamina is for a Senju to choose stamina as their acceleration.

Clan Perks

Senju (T4 - Only Loggable as a Senju with their focus set to Stamina)
--As a direct descendant of the Senju clan, this person's vitality is off the charts. They are able to preform insane feats of athletics, with a near endless reservoir of stamina.