Yurama life

Yurama life

Senju, Yurama is a child who has a lot of hope for the future, he dreams for a safer village, wich he and his friends are having fun, and also a happy life together, plus he dreams that one day he will be strong enough to protect the whole village, even though many bad things have happened in his life, he did not stop dreaming.


Yurama has a very weird mood, he can easily get angry and cry, he is really sentimental. In short, he changes his mood with ease, then he's simply not afraid to show things like love, friendship and anger. Yurama also cares a lot to show his best side, and thinks over many things, sometimes mistakenly. He tries to convey an idea of someone responsible and serious, it often fails because the fact that he is very curious and outgoing. Yurama is still a child, plus his personality undergoes into constant changes because of the people who live around him.



Yurama one day when becoming Chunnin


Cap One - The Beginning
Tragedy takes place in every living being sooner or later, the start of this history happened a long time ago where power was the most important thing, but not so far away from the actual reality. A child was born, named Senju Sora, later on he entered in the academy of shinobis, landing his first feet in that world entrusted with great dreams, sadly nothing is that easy, even more when it comes to dreams.
Cap Two - God
Dreams of becoming Hokage, protect his friends and also be a legend, were Sora’s pure thoughts. Being born in a great clan such as Senju, Sora was also born with high expectations in every choice he made from everyone he knew, but it seems that he didn’t have enough luck in life itself, he was physically weaker than the regular students, no great chakra control, so effort alone wasn`t enough to surpass that limit, great talents was also needed, which some of your classmates had. Actually, there was a classmate named Uzumaki Rei, who had great aptitudes in about everything he did, so he achieved great grades easily, and it seemed like he almost didn’t put any effort to make it. That being said, the feelings of envy burned in Sora`s heart, not because of Rei`s miraculous abilities only, but because he seemed to be closer to the dreams that Sora had. Later on, Sora was put in a team with Uzumaki Rei and a girl named Aburame May, Sora was the one with lowest abilities, Rei in the other hand was the full opposite of it, and May was equalizing them, being neither weak or really powerful. In a certain mission of Rank C, where the team was supposed to protect the client to her way back home, they ended up meeting an critical situation, which led only Sora left to protect the client, but the enemy shinobi was a lot of times stronger than him, not to mention about his specialities and such, but the biggest failure of Sora was that he failed as a shinobi itself, he feared the enemy and lost his cool in the nick of time, making him anxious and nervous, so the enemy shinobi took this chance to slaughter the client and leaving Sora alone, since he wasn’t able to cause him any harm in the first place, also, the enemy shinobi thought that he’d die sooner or later with these poor abilities. After the mission, nobody blamed Sora with exception of himself, he was weak and kept being weak, it seemed like he was making no progress and neither getting closer to his dreams, but only facing deceptions, and to make facts worse, everyone was rising up on ranks but no him.
Cap Three - Demon
Twenty years have been passed, with great efforts and time, Sora was able to get into B rank, being promoted to Jounin, he made a few contributions in the only area that he found aptitudes later on, which was the biological branch among the medic nins. One of his few contributions was developing a chakra pill that would replenish chakra at cost of stamina of the user, even though it was the first sample, it led more researches on it and are being quite discussed among the regular ninjas supplies. Even though these little, yet great developments of medicine was made by him, he didn`t feel it in the right way, he was only in that place because he only had aptitude on it, having only enough to sustain himself in that place, and getting no great combat skills, he wasn’t able to attend other shinobi’s jobs, he felt uneasy about it, and kept thinking that he wasn’t the type of the ninja that he thought and wanted to be, his achievements weren’t really meaningful to him as long as it belonged in that area and in that way, instead, he didn’t feel that he was walking forward to his dreams, but walking in circles.
Cap Four - The unknown
Later on, an arranged marriage came up to Sora, it was a kunoichi named Uzumaki Yuki, that was known for the bright colours in her eyes, also great talent in konohagakure as a shinobi, being a S Rank. The marriage proposal came within the intuition of making stronger descendants, plus the Uzumaki clan was facing some issues, such as financial ones, etc. Even though the marriage was arranged, love was still burning with the couple, but when the baby came to life, some complications came also with him. Yuki had a hard time giving birth to his son, he was born a little later from what he was supposed to be, and to make matters even worse, he was born with a weak and little body, so the higher-ups from the Uzumaki clan got a huge deception about it, since they were having high hopes about it, which also led them to have Yuki make up for her lost time in that, so as soon as she healthy enough after the child-birthing, they gave her a little time to put her training back and so on working on missions again.
Cap Five - New Era
Sora and Yuki were happy about having a child in itself, but the shinobi world was taking them away from that fact, Yuki was barely able to see her own son, while at it, Sora unpleased about the current situation, he made a secret lab in the surrounding of konoha, making researches on his own, taking away corpses of nukenins and other peoples of famous clans such as Uzumaki from the mortuary without authorization from konoha and making researches on them and even using animals, plus neglecting his job within konoha itself. Sora was literally giving up on his dreams for his son, as it seems, he didn’t want to see his son taking all the pain and sadness that he faced his entire life for not having great potentials. Then after Sora making many researches, and the only left over of the innumerous insane projects being a panda named Gore, he then started his full project to strengthen his son’s body, also developing great mental aptitudes, in the meantime, the panda that wasn’t disposed of, was getting along with Sora’s son during the process, it seems he wasn’t killed just because he was something like the last living piece of these researches. With the experiment done, Yurama, Sora’s son at last developed some changes in his body, between these changes, the most significantly ones were in the pigmentation that changed the hair colour to white, his pupils got clearer, internally his body adapted to new changes caused by Sora, his brain started making changings that it was stimulated to, his motor coordination was developed faster and better, the calories consumed by the body was doubled and even triplicated depending on the needs of the body’s organism, his muscles were altered by the organism itself, where has been created way more muscular fibres than normal, making the tranversals tubes have more support in the muscles together with the bones that hardened in the body and better placed to build up a better structure, the changes in the genes of Yurama only stimulated his growth in a better way to maybe not have a limit of growth mentally and physically, so matching a body of a prodigy, the adaptation process of the body is not something controlled, the body will grow by its own rhytm alone, but in a better way than the normal ones.
Cap Six - The beginning of the end
Not long after that, Sora started being pursued for debts and also the accusation ofdeserting in times of war, where even genins were being used, but above all he was being pursued by Uzumaki Yuki that was looking for her son, Sora had no problems about the money at all, but he couldn’t let Yuki have him, since he loved him so much, not as guinea pig but as a son. A shinobi team of another village was looking for Sora as well, they were interested in his researches that he developed, unfortunately Uzumaki Yuki found the hideout at the same as the enemy shinobi team, Sora when he noticed the invasion in his lookout and hid his researches and secrets within his son’s body using Fuuinjutsu, sealing also a guardian, his guinea pig that survived called Gore, a panda, soon after that, Sora destroyed the lab completely, when he was leaving, he faced a terrible situation, meting his beloved woman surround by ninjas, then Sora looked at his son that was sleeping deeply in his arms, then he had gone to Yuki to help her, giving her their son and saying to her take Yurama back to village, saying that he made a fuuinjutsu in the boy to help him in the future and that he would also that care of the current situation. Yuki then take her son in her arms and says to Sora: “I know that you thought that you almost didn’t achieve anything, but you have achieved something that a lot of people forgot to have, to love everyone else and not the war itself, and for that I love, but… I must say my farewell now. Good Bye!” Yuki neither cry nor look back but just worries about taking her son back to the village safely. Sora with tears sliding on his face thinks deeply: *Thank you Yuki, and to you my son, I hope you will turn out a great man, but not because of your body itself, but because I believe you will have first the heart of a man before the heart of a ninja.” Sora then get ready to fight 12 enemy ninjas, some were injured in the battle that was happening with Yuki, Sora don’t hold him back to fight these enemies, so he could stop them and make them unable to reach the village. During the fight, Sora learned something that he hasn’t take note till now and completely ignored most part of his life, that he never had given himself fully to something, even though he didn’t miss efforts in doing something, he missed the heart in doing so, although he had the dreams to it… In his last moments, Sora, defeated all the ninjas that he was facing, after the ending of the fight, he fell on his knees, then a happy memory came upon of him teaching his son how to read/write, competitions of who ate more, playing with a lot of games, and then he remembers that pure and happy thought that he had when he was a child of making something extraordinary and legendary, so he felt that he was able to do it, he had the most great times of his life together with his son with a never-ending happiness within every second that it had happened, so he remember what Yuki have said and then finally understood, with a smile on his face, he get the feeling that he had truly achieved something in his life.
Cap Seven - The end of the beginning
After reaching safely in the walls of the village of Konohagakure, as she got there, she didn’t head in to her fellow clan mates and family, since once they discovered what the kid really was, they would make him into a fellow clan shinobi that would take all orders from them with no objections, since she noticed her kid’s hair was white and her mother’s intuition was pointing that something really big happened while he was with his father, given the circumstances. Then she left her son in his deceased father’s house, there she said to him: “Yurama, my son, I’m leaving you here in your father’s house, from now on you will have to take care of yourself, right now I’m going to a place where you can’t reach me, but one day I’ll be back. I love you.” As she was setting her leave, she also made a seal developed by her clan and incremented the fuuinjutsu, making the panda the key-bearer of this seal, and only when it judged to be the right time to him, the panda would then release the seal, soon after she made the seal on him she left not saying ‘farewell’, but a simple ‘so long.’

In-Game Background

Yurama realizes he is alone in the world, and to survive he felt that he had to do many things, even if he did inherit a good amount of money, he still needed to work, make friends and many things. He soon found in the Shinobi world, with efforts, a profession, friends and also a way to be recognized. Many things had happened in Yurama's life in a really short time, one was when he still had 5 years of age, Yurama almost died because of a tiger, he approached trying to pet him, unfortunately received a cut in the chest, causing a scar on his thorax, Mikira was standing nearby, quickly came to his aid, using a jutsu to save him, it was the first time that Yurama almost died.

Yurama made many friends in the Academy, so by the time he ended up making great friends there, and found someone to admire, Oyashiro, seeing in him what he wanted to be one day, strong and everyone to trust him in the future. Yurama also had no family, so it felt very lonely to him until he met Inuzuka, Shiba, he then discovered what it means to trust someone, Shiba soon became a Brother, and also a Sensei.

Yurama trained hard every day so he could be like Oyashiro and Shiba one day, unfortunately things did not go well, an attack happened on Konoha, led by Uchiha, Godric, this day marked Konoha's history and also Yurama's life

Yurama saw many deaths that day, but the worst was of his Sensei, Shiba, who was killed right in front of him, he was tied, and in his last moments Shiba looked to Yurama, almost as if saying goodbye. Yurama did not believe in what he saw, he got shocked, petrified, meanwhile, saw the mansion on fire and falling apart. Godric was gone, along with his partners. Yurama was still tied, plus bathed in the blood of Shiba that splashed into him, when he was released, he immediately went to the Shiba's body, begging and pleading that the same got up. Yurama started screaming and thrashing, the situation went a little overboard of what Yurama could handle, Nara, Chiba then grabbed him by using his strength and took him to his house, where he fainted after his mind collapsed.

Yurama took years to recover, always focusing on training, plus remembering the very teachings of  Shiba. Yurama got motivated to never let anyone go through the same thing again, he then decided to be stronger, more than anyone.

Many things marked Yurama, as once he nearly died in a punishment made by Oyashiro, he told Yurama that he should climb the mountain without using suimen, luckily he was saved by Oyashiro in the end.

Yurama algo got upset by the fact that he was rejected as a Genin because of his age, the Hokage himself rejected him, saying that he was mentally incapable. Yurama was forced to wait 2 years to become genin.

Many things happened in the Yurama's life that developed his basis character. Like his brother Nara, Chiba, that lowered the void in Yurama's heart. Also Sasaru that teachs him how to relate to people, how to be polite and kind but also about marriage.

Yurama was also strongly supported by Oyashiro that besides saving his life several times, he took care of him very well, like the time he saved after some rough and dangerous training of a sparring against the friendly Inuki, the dog ninja.

Currently Yurama is a Genin, 9 years old, he receives lessons from the Kensei, Oyashiro and Hazashi, all of them really important to him. Hazashi and Kensei are two people who made Yurama be a Genin, helping him train and endure the pain of loneliness.

Yurama is now in the "Programa Elite" made ​​by the Hokage, though Yurama still does not know what this means.

Recently something awesome happened to Yurama, his friend Shukada, and his sister, Sayori, went into his home to live with him, now they are all a family.

Still have a lot to be told. And a lot will happen. In PROGRESS.


Nameless Squad:

Squad Leader:

  • Fumiko, Kitai

Squad Members:

  • Senju, Yurama
  • Uchiha, Saito
  • Jake



  • Hyuuga, Sasaru - A Genin of Konohagakure that has a strong and healthy bonds with Yurama, which has tried to teach him some 'grown up' things, but he failed miserably all the times that he tried to do that, since he was not too clear about what these really were. Besides it, he`s still a great friend do Yurama.
  • Oyashiro - The Jounin Commander of Konohagakure that`s like a father figure to Yurama, but maybe the feeling is not reciprocal to Oyashiro though. He saved Yurama`s life many times. Yurama aims to be a person similar to him, just as strong and capable as he is.
  • Inuzuka, Shiba -  A Genin of Konohagakure, he was the first person willing to teach Yurama something, at the time Yurama was 5 years old and a simple villager, also he knew no one at this period; Shiba believed and hoped that Yurama would turn into a great ninja, as his teacher, he teached Yurama moral's values. When Uchiha, Godric raided an attack at Konohagakure, Shiba protected Yurama by this time, sadly someone tried to play hero, and then Godric chose Shiba to be killed to silence everyone`s spirits. When Shiba died, it was the first that Yurama felt true hate towards someone, but also it was the very first time that Yurama faced death and got enraged that himself couldn't handle it; it felt so bad because Shiba was the first important person to Yurama and it was soon taken away from him, burning strong and sad feelings when Shiba passed away.
  • Yamanaka Shukada - A Genin of Konohagakure, for the time being is considered like a family, in short he`s like a brother, besides it, Shukada is also a rival, which compete with Yurama over most things, even if these things might be stupid or has no great deal about itself. He treasures his sister and oftens overreact when it comes to protect her, even if the issue about it is meaningless. He also goes overboard when he tries to protect Yurama, besides the fact that Yurama himself is stronger than him, and that also bothers Shukada.
  • Kiba - A Genin of Konohagakure, he worked together with Yurama in the job of guarding the village, he was somewhat close to Yurama, but still the bonds within them weren't that deep. Kiba's death was unnoticed to Yurama, sadly.
  • Hazashi - A Genin of Konohagakure that helped Yurama in hard moment by cheering him up, plus, he helped Yurama in training his stamina.
  • Aburame, Bakudo - One of Yurama's past classmates and a friend that Yurama can count in.
  • Senju, Sora - A very loving father who did everything for his son. Even with many problems he still pursued his dreams, but his most daring dream was hi son, which came to be true. Died protecting him. (A character is created.)
  • Uzumaki, Yuki - A true ninja, even though she truly loved her son, she then chose the path Shinobi instead of his son. She is really beautiful and strong, she probably watches her son sometimes in the village.(A character is created.)
  • Nara, Chiba - A Merchant of Konohagakure, he was like a older brother that taught Yurama a lot of things, many of these things being essential as a human being, that also helped in Yurama`s shinobi resolve, which made Yurama learn really well such things as responsibilities to fufill his duties, plus what he shouldn't do, etc. He often would buy Ramem to Yurama and chat with him, besides the good moment, Yurama didn't like to eat vegetables, and because of that they would fight a lot over it, to such an extent that there were times that Chiba forced Yurama to eat it against his own will. Sadly, Chiba died, it happened next to the village's entrance, he was calling for help by the radio, Yurama got the signal but since he was in the hospital, he couldn't hear it very well but still could got enough info to locate him, then he got out of there tried his best to get there as soon as possible, even though with all the efforts that Yurama had to save Chiba's life, Chiba ended up dying right in front of Yurama.
  • Mikira - Iroyin of Konohagakure, a close friend of Yurama. There was time that Yurama got attacked by a tiger, named Tora, which Yurama was saved by Mikira, in the end, Yurama just got away from that situation with a big scar in the chest. She's also very kind to Yurama. Yurama also has great admiration for her.


  • To become a Great Honorable Shinobi
  • To get taller
  • To become Chuunin/Jounin
  • To have Homika's love
  • To have Oyashiro recognize Yurama's strenght
  • To defeat Shukada in a 1 versus 1 fight

he died lol