Kazekage Building

Sunagakure is located in Wind Country; west of Konohagakure and Kirigakure. Sunagakure lies within a desert, and is surrounded by elevated plateaus. This barren land makes it impossible to grow vegetation. However, there are special greenhouses dedicated to plantlife.

Sunagakure is known for harsh sandstorms. These intense storms make traveling a hassle. They are the cause of many missing persons cases.

The Village in the sand have two special professions: Puppetry and Fan dancer.

In the year 690, Uchiha, Seimu attacked Sunagakure whilst manipulating the Shukaku, resulting in the entire village being completely destroyed.  In the attack, two jounin lost their lives alongside a staggering sum of innocent villagers, a select few of the lucky were spared. Many inhabitants lost hope, while other's attempted to rebuild the village. As time went on, more and more people lost hope and the construction eventually came to a screeching halt. 

The Kazekage at the time attempted to disband the village out of fear that Seimu would attack again, using the Shukaku to wipe out what was left of Sunagakure. Many other villagers shared the same fear and fled to different villages with their families to ensure their safety. Soon, only a small group remained in what was left of the village. Eventually resources ran low, and a bounty was put on their heads which in turn forced them to turn and wander the world searching for somewhere to rebuild their village where they wouldn't be threatened.

In the latter half of 695 a group of shinobi have seemed to banned together from varying background. The village has seemingly rose out of the sand it crumbled into and it's population restored seemingly instantly. The once ruins now have returned to their previous state.

Current Ranks


Map of Sunagakure

Sunagakure's hierarchy has been reorganized. Beneath the newly appointed Kazekage are a group known as the "Council". The work they have done has brought back Sunagakure swiftly returning it to the super power it once was.

Known Clans