Arisu Tenjou, auburn hair and red eyes.

Is deceased, facts on the death are currently unknown.

An Overview

Long auburn hair, red eyes, and a curvy body make Arisu a lovely little bundle. She has a lot of heart, and passion for learning the steps to becoming a top ninja. Her goals are simple: better the Tenjou name, find her parents, and beat her brothers.

General History

Fifteen years ago (one year after the birth of the Tenjou twins), a child was born to Toshi Tenjou and Sophie Tenjou in the town of Sunagakure. The child lived a normal life, adored by her older brothers and cherished by her parents... until on her eighth birthday her parents walked into the desert never to reappear.

Now Arisu has finished with her academy she will train to accomplish her ultimate goal! 

A Note

Those who are found to be metagaming from this page will be shinkicked. Repeatedly. By a brick. Probably not in the shin.