Tiberius' current image

Tiberius is a twenty year old, B+ rank shinobi of Konohagakure, and their Head Medic. He took up the mantle after Oyashiro and the rest of the Medical team seemed to disappear.

His birthday is December 8th.


Tiberius has a big heart, and a burning desire to help out his home village. But it isn't simply restricted to them; he seeks to help everyone out, as long as it coincides with "the greater good." But he isn't one to blindly walk into situations, or lend people every bit of his trust. He has a tactical mind, and prefers to stick close with a friend he trusts. This is a very good outlook, with all of the chaos going on in Konohagakure.

Through the loss of many of his friends, he has lost his constantly positive outlook on the world. Too much as happened, since he's lost a lot of friends, and his family members. He's even currently the last of his generation, and he's becoming more cautious of just how well-known he seems to be becoming.


"When you start practicing medicine it gets intense. And when things get low, and darkness surrounds you, it feels as though you cannot get out. You are engulfed in an abyss. But we Leaf shinobi carry something special. That little fire that burns within your soul is bright, and able to burn right through that abyss. The Will of Fire...its passion and the determination to carry on. And as a human being, nothing is impossible. If you practice and try your hardest, even things that have about a 50/50 shot, you can accomplish that task. Overcome that obstacle, Tiberius. I killed many fish in my early days of being a Medic. But you will save this next fish, I know you will! I have faith..."


"He really is a damn fine Medic."

"Most people would kill to have what you do, Tibs."

Tiberius had a life enriched by many experiences due to his past. The trust in his abilities stemmed from four initial teachers: Sae'ven, Luka, Angel, and Oyashiro. They were each the first people in Konoha to believe in him, starting him on the path to who he's become now. Of course, his friends - people like Kyo and Zukah (both deceased now), Ryuuko, Leon, Cloud, Skyler, Rekka, Amelina, Tanaka, Scotty, Kiyumi, Komari, Goukai, and countless others to name, always help him out. He owes a great deal to all their insights.

He's had many experiences shaping who he is, losing people like Scyezo, Kane, Saiyoran, and so forth...