Tokiko age 18-21.

Tokiko is a Chuunin of Sunagakure. 

Alias: "Sayru of Suna"

Status: Deceased.


Tokiko is a very short and petite girl with dark tanned skin. Her hair varies in length from time to time but is never longer than two inches below her shoulders or shorter than her ears with a deep brown hue. Her beige eyes set off brightly with the aray of freckles across her nose and cheeks. Tokiko is usually found either wearing her Chuunin uniform or tight wrapped clothing that make her appear as a different person entirely. Scars along her arms and legs are small and only showing mild or very long range combat.



Tokiko- Active Chuunin of Suna.

Grew up in the deserts of Sunagakure. Meeting up with the Honjo clan and being taken in by that of Taka, Xanxus, and Rukawa as family. She made a very tight knit family with them all and the members of 'The Dungeon' as it used to be referred to. Tokiko is widely known for being extremely loyal to that of Suna and its hot sands... Following the Kazekage Kurou without question for many years along side her family and friends. After the war and her family disappeared, Tokiko became less known to the public. Hermitting in houses or in the caves to escape reality and the nightmares that plagued her. Tokiko's current location and goals are currently unknown to most anyone... though it is rumored she is trying to 'find herself' before returning home.