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Godric is a soft spoke individual who normally keeps to himself. Rather then conversating with others, he is often carrying on a conversation in thought. Godric possessed incredible control of his emotions, rarely ever being surprised though some would consider him to blunt. With an observing eye constantly on watch, he always was aware of his surroundings and knows how to act accordingly.


Godric is a prime example of a truly elite shinobi from one of Konoha’s most famous clans. The Uchiha Clan. Little do many know of the hardship of the young adult, though behind his emotionless glare, one would have trouble guessing he even had one. Through his mid teenaged years, Godric excelled through the academy with ease and was bestowed with the privilege many others in his past had been honored with, to become a shinobi of The Village Hidden in the Leaves. 

Despite merely being a genin, he was forced to take a leading role in the village due to lack of efficient superiors. This didn’t come unrewarded though as it prepared him for the future feats he’d have to overcome one day. These came in two forms. He realized he needed to advance into the shinobi ranks as quickly as possible and he realized his goals and ideals served a purpose in this world which he couldn’t let go unheard. These thoughts in mind, and those of a dear friend's death, pushed him forward and allowed him to ready himself for the up coming Chuunin exams. Needless to say when the Chuunin at last arrived, Godric’s success during the exams came with rather ease until the preliminaries.

With the competition strong, each match proclaimed a winner simply by which shinobi’s will to win was stronger. Sadly even Godric’s own will fell short as his streak of victories was ruined by a fellow clansmen. Falling before him, Godric by default finished in third place behind two other Uchihas. To his surprise though, his efforts paid off and by the ceremony’s end he had established himself as a Chuunin of The Villages Hidden in the Leaves. His promotion never thought to be ensured once he was beaten, this caused Godric to push himself beyond his regular limits across the next two years. Each day conditioned him for the next in his venture to see just how far hard work and talent could actually bring him. By that time’s end, he had noticeably improved and was now deemed as a Jounin within the village, the young shinobi’s tale barely staring from his point this leaving his future calmly whisper “To be continued...”