Saichi is currently a 12 year old traveler.


Saichi has lost his memory and ever since he has awoken in the forest he has always been a very nice individual. He is always helpful and puts other's needs before his own.


Saichi currently stands at 4'7. He has jet black hair and green eyes which is unusual for an Uchiha.


Saichi was born in a small remote village by the mines by an unknown Uchiha who died in the war. He lived there in peace throughout these times with, being taken care of by an old man who adopted the Uchiha. Saichi learned fishing from the man and lived in peace and harmony with him. One day when the boy was 12 years old, he went exploring through the woods when all of a sudden he was struck by a huge log over the head which knocked him unconscioius. As Saichi awokened a few days later, he had no memory of his past. He began wandering throughout the world trying to find clues of what he used to be... (To be continued)

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