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Uchiha, Seimu is a twenty-one year old criminal that's defected from Konohagakure no Sato. He's the previous leader of his clan.


The shinobi is just above average height for his age and stands at five-feet eleven inches. He has soft facial features, almond shaped eyes that house maple irises and thin eyebrows just above. His hair generally ends in mild spikes, and it's colored a deep brown.


Seimu grew up in a home of shinobi, the norm for someone of his clan. He'd started the academy at a generally young age, and graduated at the age of eleven. The teen lead a normal life, for a shinobi, and was usually reserved and shy; he had a deeply rooted humility, for one reason or another. After a few years of doing small missions in and outside the village, Seimu became a full-fledged genin, and was appointed to the squad he'd come to call his own. Not long after the Uchiha took part in the Chuunin Exam which he'd eventually win to earn his rank and pave the way for the Uchiha clan.