Uchiha, Seito was a shinobi of Konohagakure of the Chuunin rank. Uchiha, Seito was also known for advancing quite quickly. Seito is a proud member of the Uchiha clan, often correcting others if seen an unfit member of the clan.


Seito was the first born son of Sasuna and Miko Uchiha. Seito was praised high by other members of his clan for performing techniques and jutsu usually not seen with Shinobi of his nature and rank. At the age of 13 he mastered the Katon: Goukakyuu No Jutsu while other Uchiha didn't even know it yet. People often referes to him as a Genius or a prodigy. Seito's mind is so advanced in level he will exponentially grow in tactical adversion after every time he is defeated. So this practically means after every fight he grows in strength and awareness. If Seito studies the opponent before fighting him it's almost a guarantee win everytime. But still, Uchiha, Seito is still trying to learn of his Kekkei Genkai secrets, the Sharingan.

Seito was a Highly perceptive child. Often wise beyond his years, knowling alot. Top of his class always and usually seen not doing this unfit. Seito is also usually doing what he wants and how he wants to.


Seito is often reclusive, talking to himself and not following anyone. He is often training and studying greatly to outsmart others in the battlefield. Ever since the murder of his parents, he has a strong distaste for others. He usually grows into hating his own village after constant complaint and botherment brought towards him. Seito however tries to hide in peace while others still try to use him as a great weapon for their assess.