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The Ookamiyasha clan was mostly dissolved in the last Shinobi war. After being subject to centuries of exile, racial prejudice, and discrimination, seen as demonic and hated by their country - But soon enough, the last clan member moved from the Hidden Leaf Village: Konohagakure, to be apart of the one Shinobi settlement within the Land of Water: Kirigakure. This clan has always been one of a powerful origin, Very similer to the Uchiha clan, The clan loved to gain power by any means, And would show no mercy to there enemies.

Notable Members

  • Ookamiyasha, Matsuo (Leader)

Kekkei Genkai - KuraiOokami

The user's eyes glow golden, It incresses there sight, And reflex time, It also shows them the enemy chakra and how strong it is, Everything seemingly slows down,Depending on how fast the enemy is,If the enemiy looks into the user's eyes, The user seems to be a human like black wolf,With 7 tails and the surroundings have been changed to a misty warm dark forest, If used to long the user's eyes began to bleed, They lose control over the skill, And is traped in there mind, Untill they can some how get out, There are 3 stages of this Kekkei Genkai, Yet who ever see's the other stages, Has not lived to tell much about it. (bullshit)