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Rei in her twenties.

Rei Yuki is a Medical Jounin in the village of Kirigakure.

Alias: "Seppan"

Status: Retired & MIA


Rei has a strong feminine jaw line along with pale blue eyes originating from her clan. She has bright white hair cropping around her face and deep tanned skin from her travels. The woman also has many scars covering her body, all around one inch in length. There are also several other scars on her body which remain unseen to the public eye. There is notably a two inch scar on her throat from where her voice was altered. Now making it husky in pitch... Rei now has severe scarring from the bombings in Kiri. Her skin and body has become toughened and scarred from the many therapy and surgery sessions. Rei also has a burn scar on the left side of her forehead...



Rei as a student.

Rei grew up in the Mist, up until she turned eleven she was cared for by her medical shinobi parents until they were identified as traitors. Her parents then fled the village and Rei went under the care of a close family member. 

Thoughout her studies, Rei was mostly a studious academy student who took many years before she could pass Kirigakure's genin exam and become a shinobi at the age of fourteen. This was due to the combat portion of the exam... Following being given her headband, Rei remained a genin until after she turned twenty-one. 

After which, Rei competed in the chuunin exams and passed easily while in her study under Oyashiro Sensei in Konoha. She remained there for two years and proceeded to be promoted by the Hokage to Jounin rank. Rei then returned to Kirigakure and is currently in command of Squad Tetsu. [Squad Tetsu: Hozuki, Rizaro, Kaguya, Trina, Mioma]

After fighting the war against Kirigakure and the take down of the Ex-Mizukage, Rei continued to stay in Konoha for a great while until things were sure to be resolved. Seeing that the demon attacks were only growing worse, Rei took on a medical student for the first time other than simple skill teaching. Wanting to have a dedicated medical student of her own for the first time. Senju, Rue has become almost too quickly a faithful student along side Rei's other two combat students Kaguya, Trina and Hozuki, Rizaro.

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Riden saving Rei.

After the bombing of Kirigakure by the ANBU, Rei almost died in the Mizukage's office. Her students not yet fully trained were unable to help her. Yuki, Riden stepped in and saved her life while others tracked down the ANBU.