Young Yuri Credits:

Name: Hyuuga, Yuri

Alias: White

Age: 17.


Yuri has black, cool hair. He is often mistaken for a kid because of his youthful appearance.


Disguised as a citizen, Yuri leads a quiet, peaceful life. However, little is known about the him. He managed

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Yuri's Masterpiece

to burn any evidence of his past.

Yuri holds no interest about the Hyuuga clan. However, he has a strong desire to protect and preserve his clan's honor and fame.

Now, the shinobi still seeks justice for his long lost friend, and for those Hyuugas who painfully died...unjustly. With some of his peers, and the Investigation Group, they're all in seek of answer and the people responsible for everything.

The shinobi however is currently inactive, and will soon rise out the darkness whenever the evil persists to come. But, the question is how? How can this pitiful shinobi survive in the wilds, lost and unable to find his way back home?

But, thankfully, he was able to safely get home back to the village with the help of Saiyoran. Hikonaru, Kane , Isaac, Reichiro, Kyo and few more had updated him about the current village status, and found out about Jakaisa going rouge with Raik Jr., and few more rogues with them. He had done thorough investigation about the connection between Atilla and Raik years ago, and about their connection with a secret organization. This struck him like a lightning, and Jakaisa's life is probably in danger.

After receiving the Hokage's permission, he went out on a journey in seek of the rogues whereabouts.

Days, weeks passed by and eventually a month. The biggest mission and opportunity he was granted upon was a complete disastrous failure. He then decided to completely erase his existence and never go back home in Konoha. Yuri's whereabouts is currently unknown, having his own way of paying for his failures. But the Hyuuga still haven't yet completely thrown away his dreams as a shinobi, waiting for another chance to redeem his honor.